UCAS partners with BOSSA to recruit Chinese students to UK

BOSSA, an umbrella organisation for Chinese study abroad agencies, and UCAS, which oversees university and college admissions in the UK, have announced they will share their “long-established” intelligence on the UK and Chinese education markets. 

UK universities will be able to use the information to shape their recruitment strategies for Chinese students. 

“Working together gives us the opportunity to compare data and aid the way universities create their recruitment strategies”

“UCAS International and BOSSA each have their own unique insights into the latest trends and student behaviours,” said Jon Santangelo, spokesperson for BOSSA. 

“Working together gives us the opportunity to compare data and aid the way UK universities and colleges create their recruitment strategies for Chinese students.’

Santangelo said that BOSSA’s member agencies will also benefit from “exchanges on the latest market data”. 

“For example, our big data shows Guangdong province as the UK’s largest source of prospective students in China, which helps agencies’ marketing strategies. This data should also be of benefit to UK educators’ China recruitment planning.”

Applications via UCAS from Chinese students for UK study grew by 12% to 28,930 applicants in the 2022/23 academic cycle, making China the third biggest market for UK higher education. Around two thirds of non-EU students apply via UCAS.

Des Cutchey, managing director of UCAS International, said the partnership is “a great opportunity for both organisations to realise their natural synergy”.

“The member agencies and stakeholders will benefit from the information exchanges between UCAS and BOSSA on the latest market data, surveys, and research on China-UK mobility,” Cutchey told The PIE News, “which can aid universities’ recruitment planning and helps agencies advise students, particularly where gaps are identified.

“In addition, member agencies and stakeholders will benefit from early releases of reports and content and collaborative webinar sessions to discuss local implications.”

Earlier this year, UCAS launched Myriad, a platform tailored to postgraduate international students looking to study in the UK.