Top 5 most expensive homes for sale in Edmonton and area

a small house in a green field: This Parkland County mansion is listed for $8.75 million.

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This Parkland County mansion is listed for $8.75 million.

Question: has everyone become independently wealthy by not buying avocado toast and Starbucks lattes during the pandemic?

Well, here’s some good news for those of you who have. The Edmonton area housing market is flush with palatial residences for the well-heeled, massive homes in which you not only can hide from COVID-19, but also every member of your immediate family, probably for weeks. We’ve slimmed down the possibilities to a Top 5, but if you’re flush with the big bucks, you can be sure that any of the many aristocratic abodes you decide to barricade yourself against the remainder of 2020 will be stylish and wonderful indeed.

Mystery mansion, $8.75 million

We all love a mysterious manor, right? Well, the stately $8.75-million mansion in rural Parkland County that has no address certainly qualifies as such. Tailor-made for a reclusive superhero or villain, the 80-acre property is very private, with forest covering one end and a lake (think motorboat escapes from an underground bunker) on the other. Getting an unexpected visit from the X-Men? No problem, as the house boasts five bedrooms and eight bathrooms, plus a car showroom that looks like it could hide a small, invisible jet. You can move in right away with a measly down payment of $1.75 million.

a large room:  Parking for an entire town at the Mystery Manor in Parkland County.

Parking for an entire town at the Mystery Manor in Parkland County.

108 Westbrook Drive, $8.5 million

If you’re a few bucks short on the Parkland County getaway, you can always check out the English-style brick manor at 108 Westbrook Drive overlooking Whitemud Creek Ravine South. Priced at $8.5 million, it holds the same number of bedrooms, at five, but has even more washrooms, with nine, in case you want to set one aside specifically for your friend the Queen. Indoor pool and hot tub, game room, media room, this house has it all, though disappointingly aerial shots of the grounds do not show gamboling British faeries or sprites. The only real issue is distance from the amenities; stock up on expensive vintages in your fancy wine room if you want, but you’ll have to drive all the way to Blue Quill if you’re hankering for a 7-11 Slurpee and burrito.

a castle on top of a mountain:  108 Westbrook Drive

108 Westbrook Drive

a living room filled with furniture and a fireplace:  108 Westbrook Drive

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108 Westbrook Drive

16 Windermere Drive, $6.688 million

There’s a noticeable drop in price for the third-most-expensive property in town, with the owner of 16 Windermere Drive only asking for a reasonable $6.688 million. What’s so reasonable about paying out the amount of money Chris Evans was roughly given for starring as Captain America in Avegners: Age of Ultron? Why, the imported Italian glass tile, sushi bar, sports memorabilia room, six gas fireplaces, and two home theatres, of course. Eagle-eyed aficionados of luxury homes will especially enjoy the photo of a washroom with two sinks set beside each other, to give that much-coveted ‘hanging out in a hotel’ feeling.

a house with a lawn in front of a brick building:  16 Windermere Drive

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16 Windermere Drive

a restroom with a sink and a mirror:  Couples handwashing at 16 Windermere Drive.

Couples handwashing at 16 Windermere Drive.

The Legends penthouse, $6.095 million

Who needs a house when you can loom over mere mortals in a luxury apartment? Maybe you won’t be able to fashion a hedge maze or raise a football field-sized garden of orchids, but the penthouse dubbed The Legends at #5402 10360 102 St. (priced at $6.095 million) does offer other amenities, like brilliant south, west and east views of the city from its perch on top of the J.W. Marriott downtown. The listing is light on photos, but we can assume that the apartment (with two bedrooms and a staggering seven washrooms) has everything you’d want in a multi-millionaire’s eyrie, including a 24-hour concierge. In any event, you’d have access to the hotel and adjoining downtown pedways, thus ensuring that you never have to leave warmth or comfort (or breathe fresh air) between November and April if you don’t want to.

a tall building in a city:  JW Marriott

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JW Marriott

27509 Township Road, Parkland County, $5.7 million

Back in Parkland County, #2 27509 TWP RD 540 to be precise, there’s a party waiting to happen. Not only because of the beautiful chef’s kitchen, but the home theatre, games room and bar, set in the bucolic neighborhood of Tuscany Heights, where you’d be paying $5.7 million for the right to abide . It’s not really a neighborhood so much as a loose assembling of giant residences nestled amongst the greenery, but you are just a hop, skip and a jump from Muir Lake. One drawback: only three bedrooms to host guests, though likely you can squeeze in a few on air mattresses in the spacious and elegant dressing room. Just make sure to do inventory on your Luigi Borelli shirts before they leave, however.

a view of a house:  A Parkland County palace.

A Parkland County palace.

a room filled with furniture and a fireplace:  27509 Township Road in Parkland County.

27509 Township Road in Parkland County.

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