Top 20 Real Estate Professionals in Florida – NWM – Press Release

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 1, 2020 / In an ever-changing global market with instability across the world in 2020, the Real Estate Market has shown to make leaps and bounds. Record low interest rates in the United States following the COVID-19 pandemic have created an influx of demand for property in Florida, forcing Real Estate Professionals to adapt in numerous ways.

Developing new marketing strategies, finding new ways to communicate with clients, and competing against other Real Estate Professionals have been an incredible challenge this year.

Next Wave Marketing highlights what they believe to be the Top 20 Real Estate Professionals in Florida. This article allows you to understand the accomplishments, hardships, adaptations, and plans that these professionals have for the future.

#1 Ana Teresa Rodriguez

Ana Teresa Rodriguez is a Real Estate Professional and founder of the ATR Group at Coldwell Banker in Miami, Florida. Ana has more than 15 years of experience in the real estate industry and utilizes unique marketing techniques, unmatched real estate experience, and sharp negotiating skills to create the most success for her business and her clients’ visions. Her business motto is “Building clients for life, one transaction at a time”, which she holds high in order to create the best customer experience possible. Ana prides herself on being extremely efficient in the workplace while maintaining a wide array of knowledge regarding different markets. In the Miami real estate market, Ana has a highly reputable status of being discrete, professional, and having a genuine interest in her clients and their needs. Ana Theresa Rodriguez notable sales record and award winning success lead her to start the ATR Group, which has prospered since the start. Ana and her team have developed an extensive local and international investor network which has created greater opportunities for acquiring luxury properties in the Miami area. With that, she also has a huge network of local buyers, sellers, and brokers who contribute to her efficiency and overall accomplishments. With 2020 bringing such uncertainty to many business owners due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ana and her team have taken advantage of historically low interest rates to help countless families find the homes of their dreams. Due to such high demand in South Miami, Ana is confident that business will continue to grow in the near future with New Yorkers and Californians seeking homes in the area. Moving forward, Ana is seeking expansion and growth for her global platforms. Her goal is to provide her top of the line real estate experience to people all around the globe, while continuing to provide concierge, white glove service to her clients locally. To learn more about Ana Teresa Rodriguez and the ATR Group at Coldwell Banker, click here.

#2 Amber Lewis

Amber Lewis is a successful Real Estate Agent at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Properties Group, based in Tampa, Florida. She moved to Tampa in 2005 and immediately fell in love with the city thanks to its beautiful weather (and palm trees), close proximity to the beach, booming local economy, and the overall excitement buzzing in town. Tampa has been ranked #56 in Best Places to Live and #17 in Best Places to Retire, according to the U.S. News. Amber’s love for building relationships and understanding her client’s needs helps her guide them through the process of buying or selling their home. She does everything she can to ensure the real estate process is clearly explained and their goals and expectations are exceeded. Amber is well connected to excellent, trusted partners to deliver a turn key solution to clients, which include connections to industry leading general contractors, interior designers, roofers, home remodelers, legal and insurance professionals and many more. One area that Amber specializes in is relocations from out of town or out of state. She currently is working with several buyers who, due to COVID-19, are working remotely for their company. These clients are choosing to relocate to Tampa Bay for a better quality of life and lower cost of living. Due to these factors, and low inventory, there is a high demand for homes, creating a strong seller’s market. To follow along on Amber’s daily adventures via Instagram, click here.

#3 Rodney Mendes

Rodney Mendes is the team leader of the Rodney Mendes Team and a top real estate agent serving the luxury market in the Miami area. In 2020 amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Rodney received a special invitation to join the Miami Beach Global Luxury office of Coldwell Banker, the #1 real estate group in the US. After being named the top producer at his former firm for 7 years in a row, Rodney was confident it was the right time to join forces with the US’s residential real estate leader to take his business to another level, help more people, and better serve his clients. He joined Coldwell Banker with his team last August. Rodney believes that what sets him apart in the Miami market is that he deeply cares about his clients’ success and well-being. Real Estate can be a very self-centered business, but he strives to put his clients first. His goal is to add value to his clients’ lives and contribute to their happiness by providing extraordinary service and helping them make smarter real estate decisions. Online reviews from past clients on Zillow show that people who worked with Rodney came out of the experience extremely grateful and satisfied. Among other things, his clients call him “customer-oriented”, “knowledgeable”, “brilliant”, “focused”, “thorough in every detail throughout the process”, “always on your side to protect you and do the best for you”, and a realtor that “goes far beyond his work to make you confident and satisfied”. With nearly 10 years of experience in real estate, Rodney shows an in-depth knowledge of the Miami Real Estate Luxury Market and developed essential skills that help him and his clients navigate swiftly through economic movements that influence the markets constantly. With the Great American Migration of 2020 and Florida receiving more than 1000 people a day, Rodney believes the Covid-19 pandemic is only consolidating Miami as one of the most attractive cities in the US, especially to high tax residents looking for a tax shelter. He is seeing an influx of people moving and looking to move to the Miami area and believes the trend will only strengthen and continue in the next few years. With demand on the rise and inventory shortening, he expects a strong market in the years to come. “The single-family home market is already a strong seller’s market with low inventory, and I believe that in the next 12-18 months, the condo supply will also decrease tremendously, turning that market also into a seller’s market with low inventory and prices on the rise”, said Rodney. As he works through the pandemic, Rodney is focusing on making a difference in his clients’ lives. “It’s been an unprecedented year, so more than ever, it is all about the people we serve and how we can create real value and improve their lives”, he concluded. To learn more about Rodney Mendes and the Rodney Mendes Team, click here.

#4 Jemea Kingsby

Jemea Kingsby is a Real Estate Advisor with The Howland Group at Compass, a real estate group that serves the North Miami and Greater Fort Lauderdale areas. As a 14-year veteran in PR and Marketing, Jemea utilizes her competitive edge to effectively market and research for home sellers and buyers. In addition, she has aligned herself with an amazing team. The Howland Group at Compass stays ahead of the curve in real estate trends and the latest technology to simplify the home transaction process. In spite of all that 2020 has brought, it has been an opportunity for her to focus her energy on serving the South Florida community when it needs her most. Since the pandemic, families are using their homes in ways they never dreamed. A house is now a classroom, office, gym, and theater, and the market demand for homes is reflecting that trend. Families are seeing the value in upgrading to a multi-functional space that fully accommodates their needs. While there may be some reservations about the market, Jemea believes the bold and fearless will recognize this as the opportunity that it is to seize the long-term rewards. One of Jemea’s biggest accomplishments thus far has been leading the market from start-up to initial public offering for the mortgage REIT, Jernigan Capital (NYSE: JCAP) in 2015. Her efforts lead to a successful IPO of $111 million dollars within the first six months. A pivotal point in her career, Jemea learned first-hand the impact that real estate has on the U.S. economy, which ultimately led her down the path of becoming a real estate advisor. Moving forward, Jemea will continue to learn and grow both personally and professionally within the real estate market. Staying in the forefront of the industry is essential to thrive and being flexible with the changes that are to come will allow Jemea to see great success in the future. To learn more about Jemea Kingsby and The Howland Group at Compass, click here.

#5 Karen Hurst

Karen Hurst is a Real Estate Advisor with the Howland Group at Compass, located in and serving the South Florida region. Karen serves her clients with a high level of commitment, passion, and excellence which epitomizes the real estate professional. Karen has been a full-time real estate agent for over a decade and holds a multitude of accolades that include membership in the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing and a certification as an International Property Specialist. Through savvy networking for over 10 years, Karen has been able to help investors, sellers, and buyers within the market to successfully take advantage of the upswing in prices and popularity of the tri-county areas (West Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade). South Florida has evolved over the last two decades and has become the international capital of the Americas. Karen’s goal is to connect you to the right person to get your needs met and make the process of buying and selling as smooth as possible from the first call to the move-in day and beyond. Karen is enthusiastic about working at Compass as they emphasize a positive team culture and customer satisfaction, utilizing best-in-class technology to create a steam-lined, quality experience. With so much uncertainty in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Real Estate industry has truly boomed and Karen believes that the Real Estate industry will be the catalyst to bring back the country’s economy. Those who are able to are buying homes and putting money back into the economy therefore generating jobs and income for the people. Karen continues to improve upon her knowledge that will propel forward movement through her personal and career development. “In my business and personal growth I feel like what goes around, comes around”, Karen states. Karen will increasingly seed well-being in herself and others in order to help as many people as possible. Despite the understandable world shift and fear that exist, Karen is committed to exhibiting generosity and compassion towards herself and in her business to ensure people truly feel valued. To follow Karen Hurst’s journey and learn more about Compass, click here. (

#6 Alexa Rosario

Alexa Rosario is a Real Estate Agent at the Happy Homes Group, a real estate team with Keller Williams. Alexa’s passion for helping people fall in love with South Florida led her down the path she is on today. Alexa is different from other real estate agents in the ways she markets to her customers. Instead of constantly sending out new listings and open houses, her marketing is focused on making people feel like they’re part of a private membership club. 96% of buyers start their home searches online so when she lists property, her strategy is focused online instead of using old school tactics. She uses an innovative online approach to getting eyeballs on her listings using targeted advertisements. With this approach, she can target potential buyers around the world and draw them in before they ever hit the big portal sites (like Zillow or Redfin), making her listings stand out ahead of others. When you step into Alexa’s office, you’re getting more than a realtor – you’re getting a community resource. For example, Alexa hosts a weekly show on Instagram Live with local businesses to bring them before the community. There are 90,000 Realtors in her tri-county area, so at the end of the day, she believes that people will work with the person who has given the most value over the long term. Before selling real estate, Alexa worked for an investor who was buying up properties in 2011. When she made the switch from managing real estate to selling it, Alexa became the youngest top producer in her office in her first year at Keller Williams. Now, 8 years into her career, she has continued to focus on helping people build their wealth through real estate by acquiring their first property, upsizing, and investing in real estate. With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alexa, like many others in the real estate industry, has seen a spike in activity. South Florida is experiencing a population boom with almost 1,000 people per day moving from the northeast to escape taxes. To accommodate this influx, she’s been doing virtual consultations to make the transition even easier. Moving forward, Alexa’s mission is to create a concierge program to help them make the move down gracefully and get acquainted with the community. When she moved to Florida from Pennsylvania in 2008, it took her almost 3 years to make Florida feel like home, making her concierge program the perfect thing to help make people’s move and transition as smooth as possible. To learn more about Alexa Rosario and the Happy Homes Group, click here.

#7 Matt Cooper

Matt Cooper is a Real Estate Agent and Team Leader of Matt Cooper & The Group LLC at Keller Williams Realty, a real estate agency located in Tampa, Florida. Matt’s group is one of the top teams at Keller Williams Realty, selling over 100 homes each year. With an amazing marketing plan, Matt and his team are full of excitement and commitment to make your home buying or selling experience as smooth as possible. Matt is dedicated to serving the Tampa community in ways that other real estate agencies don’t. Matt’s work ethic has earned him rookie of the year and he has become a multi-million dollar producer in under 5 years in the business. With $20 million in total sales, multiple 5-star reviews, member of the Agent Leadership Committee, a Cultural Ambassador, a capping agent every year in the business, and a 5-time BOLD graduate, Matt has proved to himself and his clients that he is unlike any other agent. With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses experienced negative impacts. For Matt and the real estate industry, this was an opportunity to strike with historically low interest rates. Considering the state of the world today, Matt and his team have done very well. His business is seeing positive results in every category and he plans to continue breaking records moving forward. By the year’s end, Matt and his team will close out the year with 100 homes sold for about $25 million. Matt’s next few steps are adding a buyer-sales team leader and building up the agent count to 15 motivated realtors. Matt and his team are also looking to grow their database with loyal clients. By adding new and improved systems and models to make their clients’ lives easier, they will be able to obtain and maintain close relationships with everyone that walks through their door. To learn more about Matt Cooper and Matt Cooper & The Group LLC at Keller Williams Realty, click here.

#8 Erin O’Flaherty

Erin O’Flaherty is a Real Estate Advisor with Compass, the nation’s largest independent real estate brokerage. Erin realized her love for real estate as a young child growing up in a 1890’s Victorian fixer-upper. By the age of 23 she purchased her first home, and acquired her second investment by the age of 25. She now owns a handful of investment properties, is an Airbnb Superhost, and aims to help others realize their financial goals by building wealth in real estate. Erin employs modern marketing efforts that are similar to her personality – friendly, inviting, and informative! Whether her clients find her via social media or a referral, it’s important for her to convey that not only does she understand that purchasing a home may be the single largest investment you’ll ever make, but she has personal experience through her own investments that give her a better understanding of the ins and outs of the industry. At the young age of 27, Erin has become a multi-million dollar producer – just two years into her full-time residential real estate career with one of the nation’s most premier brokerages. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the housing market has undergone an incredible transformation causing business to surge, and Erin believes that will continue. Orlando’s market has remained incredibly strong throughout the pandemic, with the U.S. collectively experiencing historically low interest rates for buyers and high property values for sellers. The national experience of 2020 has resulted in a dramatic shift of how people view their home and what they expect in terms of how a home functions for them, and that’s being directly reflected in Orlando’s market activity. Moving forward, Erin is working to become more efficient and adaptable in the workplace. Modern marketing is going to replace the more “traditional” marketing style in her industry, and it’s especially true for her brand plan. She is committed to doing her part by continuing to present herself as she truly is and trust that it will generate the most success. To keep up with Erin O’Flaherty and Compass, click here.

#9 Dave Gold

Dave Gold is a Real Estate Advisor and leader of the Atlas Team at Compass, a real estate firm in Boca Raton, Florida. Dave’s career started in sales, where he worked for 5 years on both Wall Street and Midtown Manhattan selling real estate and financial products. During his time working in sales, Dave successfully operated a total of 10 Airbnb’s between New York, New Jersey, and Florida. With his diverse, extensive background, Dave’s transition into the real estate industry was virtually seamless. Utilizing current technology and effective ways to communicate with his clients via social media, Dave is able to separate himself greatly from his competitors. His passion and dedication to his work and helping others has helped him create a brand name for himself from the beginning of his career in real estate. Being known for his personability, enthusiasm, and trustworthiness, Dave’s clients understand that they are his main focus when they work with him. Dave’s vast knowledge of the South Florida market allows him to create greater opportunities for him and his team while helping his clients find the homes of their dreams. With such uncertainty in the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dave and The Atlas Team at Compass have used the historically low interest rates to capitalize and grow as individuals and as a company. A boom in the real estate industry has caused an influx of demand for homes in South Florida, positioning the market to have a very prosperous future. However, the virus has also created some difficulties for the real estate industry. One thing that Dave was forced to adapt to was creating a global reach for his clients without meeting them in person or having face to face conversations, which he has done by communicating through social media platforms. Moving forward, Dave is working to evolve as a Real Estate Advisor by continuing to educate himself on the ever-changing markets in the real estate industry. With the help of The Atlas Team, co-workers, friends, and his community, Dave understands that there will always be ways to learn and grow. To learn more about Dave Gold and The Atlas Team at Compass, click here.

#10 Stephenie Barbuto

Stephenie Barbuto is an agent at LoKation Real Estate, a real estate agency located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Stephenie grew up in New Jersey which exposed her to different cultures and ways of life. She prides herself on being very straight forward, efficient, and responsive with her clients. Stephenie loves dealing with buyers to help them in their search for a home. Not only that, but she also lists homes for her clients. As an Agent, Stephenie ensures that every single client that walks through her door gets a personalized experience. She has a great talent for placing individuals and families into homes that she knows they would like, and it has proven to be a great success for her. What Stephenie finds the most rewarding about her job is being able to help as many people get into the homes of their dreams as possible. Since the strike of the COVID-19 pandemic,Stephenie, like many others, saw a boom in the real estate industry. South Florida has always been a bit of an anomaly, but she is pleasantly surprised about how active the market is. Sellers are getting very close to asking prices and buyers are plentiful. With interest rates as low as they are, the savvy individual will take advantage. Money is cheap in this economic climate and inventory is low, so it forces a buyer to make a move quickly. Going forward, Stephenie has her eyes set on accomplishing much more. She works alone, so there is only so much that she can do by herself. There are many times when she feels so busy that she contemplates starting a team. For now, however, Stephenie is looking to keep all business to herself until it hinders her and she has no choice but to bring someone on. Stephenie is a firm believer in the saying, “if you want a job done correctly, do it yourself”, which makes her have both hands on every aspect of the transaction from start to finish to ensure everything is done correctly. Relinquishing control of that is tough for her, but she knows that it would be the next step as far as growth goes. To learn more about Stephenie Barbuto and LoKation Real Estate, click here.

#11 Maria Nunez

Maria Nunez is one of the founders of The Agency, LLC, a real estate company in Orlando that strives to provide customers with the best homes for the best prices to fit their needs. Maria prides herself on being an advocate for her clients and doing whatever she has to do in order to get her clients in the home of their dreams. When listing a home, she makes sure to always use professional photography and videography to make her listings stand out. For her buyers, she is always one of the first to know when a good property hits the market, and her precise negotiating skills help her buyers get their offers accepted in such a competitive market. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate industry has boomed. Maria is confident that the market will remain competitive once the pandemic settles, as more people have discovered the importance and the value of owning a home. Since she began selling real estate full time in 2014, Maria has won numerous awards including: The 2020 Orlando Magazine Real Estate All Stars, the Orlando Regional Realtor Association Top 20 under 40 in 2019, the Orlando Real Producers Magazine Top 35 under 35 in 2019, and the 2018 Orlando Weekly Top 3 Best Realtor Orlando Reader Poll. For someone who started at age 24 with zero network, Maria has proven herself to be a highly accomplished real estate agent. With such great success in the past, she is looking to continue this growth moving forward. Maria’s next steps are to continue leveraging her business and serving more and more customers every year to the best of her ability. To keep up withMaria Nunez and The Agency, LLC, click here.

#12 Tiffany Washington

Tiffany Washington is a Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With a background in economics, Tiffany uses her past experiences to frame her unique marketing strategy and create trustworthy bonds between herself and her clients. What separates Tiffany from other realtors in the Fort Lauderdale area is her personality and ability to work with anyone who comes through her doors. With an unstoppable work ethic, Tiffany is well equipped and well versed to handle even the most difficult real estate situations. Her client base is made up of mainly referrals, which is a tribute to her work. On top of her sales record, Tiffany has built interstate relationships with investors and created a mentorship program for realtors that are just starting their careers. She is also partnered with a non-profit organization that helps marginalized individuals and communities buy homes for the first time, which is a heartfelt effort that drives her work. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken major tolls on a plethora of industries, but has caused a boom in the real estate market, especially in Fort Lauderdale. Adapting to new ways of marketing, communication with clients, and conducting business is crucial to Tiffany’s success in the current times, and she has taken the opportunity to grow both as an individual and as a businesswoman. With historically low interest rates and an increase in demand, Tiffany and her associates at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices have worked tirelessly to maintain their level of customer satisfaction. With a bright future in sight, Tiffany has great plans to continue providing first class service to her clients as well as building new relationships with professionals across the industry. Moving forward, Tiffany is working to revamp her visual presence on social media by implementing new marketing strategies to keep up with current trends. Believing that growth as an individual will aid her growth in the business world, Tiffany is focusing on maintaining her own wellbeing to ensure she is constantly striving to provide more for her clients. To learn more about Tiffany Washington and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, click here.

#13 Arlene Buckmaster

Arlene Buckmaster is a Real Estate Agent at Coldwell Banker in Sarasota, Florida, and has licensing in both Florida and Illinois. Growing up in Sarasota, Arlene has developed a deep knowledge about the town as well as countless connections to individuals in the area. She moved to Chicago a few years ago, where she obtained her realtor license. After great success in Chicago, she moved back to Sarasota, where she is primarily operating. Moving between the two cities, this allowed Arlene to create long-lasting relationships with her co-workers and clients in both locations, giving her a diversified background in the industry. Establishing these networks have become one of the highlights of Arlene’s career, and has really been a driving force behind her passion and love for what she does. She knows how stressful buying a house can be, and strives to make the process as easy as possible for her clients. Every client that walks through her doors comes out with a different experience because Arlene tailors each and every experience to benefit her clients in the best way possible. Handling every transaction with the utmost professionalism and service, Arlene is dedicated and committed to helping each client get the keys to the homes of their dreams. With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Arlene and many others have seen a boom in the real estate industry with interest rates at historical lows. With increased demand and limited supply, prices have elevated and business has been booming for Arlene and Coldwell Banker, and they have taken the opportunity to capitalize on helping as many people as possible. The pandemic has created positive challenges for Arlene, forcing her to adapt and create new ways to deliver top of the line service to her customers. With challenges come opportunities, and Arlene has undoubtedly used the opportunities to expand her network, skillset, and knowledge to best benefit her clients. Moving forward, Arlene is focusing her energy on creating a strong client base while developing a powerful brand name for herself. Becoming more established and building more relationships will allow her to succeed further, and that’s exactly what she plans to do. To learn more about Arlene Buckmaster and Coldwell Banker, click here.

#14 Paul Pollack

Paul Pollack is a licensed Real Estate Agent at Douglas Elliman, a real estate company with roots in Florida, Connecticut, New York, New York City, New Jersey, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Texas. Paul grew up in Palm Beach, Florida, giving him a diverse knowledge of the area starting from a very young age. Paul’s career began in filmmaking, where he worked on several movies that were featured in film festivals such as Sundance. Traveling between New York and Los Angeles early in his career exposed him to different cultures, networks, people, and experiences. When Paul moved back to Florida, he obtained his realtors license and began working for Douglas Elliman. Paul’s unique background and exposure assists his career greatly with his ability to communicate effectively with his clients. By focusing on his clients’ needs and building long lasting relationships, Paul is able to separate himself from other agents in the area. Growing up in Palm Beach helped Paul create a wide array of networks and relationships in the area, which has ultimately created great opportunities for him to thrive in the industry. He currently has a listing on the market for $4.85 million, and one of his most recent sales was a home for $13.575 million, which are colossal numbers for a beginner in the industry. His dedication to his clients, first class service, and unique customer experience makes the home buying process seamless for anyone who works with Paul. The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges and opportunities for Paul and Douglas Elliman. One major adjustment for Paul during these times were the ever-changing dynamics and restrictions on operating the business. Paul worked diligently to find different ways to remain in touch with his clients regularly from a distance, while also maintaining the utmost professionalism and business standards that he holds himself to. With challenges come opportunities, and Paul is no stranger to capitalizing on things that come his way. With historically low interest rates and a high demand for real estate in Florida, Paul has taken advantage of the times in order to create greater success for him, Douglas Elliman, and his clients. In the forefront of his mind, Paul constantly looks to expand and develop new opportunities in the future. His ultimate goal is to create a team of real estate professionals under Douglas Elliman, allowing him to build upon his accomplishments thus far. To learn more about Paul Pollack and Douglas Elliman, click here.

#15 Carlos Larocca

Carlos Larocca is a Real Estate Broker-Associate at Related ISG International Realty, who also owns a real estate appraisal practice in Miami since 2004. He believes that South Florida is the ideal location for real estate investing and year-round living, offering the perfect mix of sunny weather, lifestyle, and the tax benefits of being a Florida resident. With 15+ years experience in the real estate industry, Carlos has a competitive edge over many Realtors. Purchase price is the #1 factor among buyers in any market; “data-driven”, his background in valuations and analysis have been key in pricing inventory and negotiating for his buyers/investors. The combination of being a Miami native, and strong foundation of market knowledge throughout South Florida, have developed a unique insight on the trends impacting different neighborhoods in this dynamic market. Humbled to have been awarded the “Rising Star” award by the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Larocca is passionate about real estate and the opportunity South Florida offers. 2020 has been challenging as we adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic and a “new normal”. In the midst of these interesting times Florida has emerged as the #1 moving/relocation destination in the U.S.; many buyers that were on the fence have made their decision, attracted to less density, favorable tax benefits, price point, and historically low interest rates. Carlos is confident that the future holds significant demand in the housing market, particularly as many businesses have adopted working remotely and their owners/employees explore options for where to call Home. Moving forward Carlos and Related ISG International Realty are planning for continued growth, stretching further north throughout the Sunshine State. Anticipating strong demand in the near future, he plans to diversify into new markets to help satisfy the needs of his clients/investors. Mr. Larocca works diligently to ensure his clients stay well-informed from start to finish, and that they are beyond satisfied. To learn more about Carlos Larocca and Related ISG International Realty, click here.

#16 Brett Eaglstein

Brett Eaglstein, Senior Vice President for The Carroll Group of Compass, is a luxury real estate agent serving Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe counties, has become a leader in the South Florida residential market. To set himself apart, Brett out-works and out-hustles the competition. Brett’s work ethic and desire for perfection push him every single day as a stand-out realtor catering to the needs of his clients. Brett has built his business on being accessible to his clients whenever they need him, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. With more than 10 years of sales experience which began selling technology to the top Wall Street firms, Brett understands how to negotiate the best terms for his clients. While other agents are just looking for a sale, Brett will get you the best possible price for your home. Brett invests time, and more importantly money, to identify the best technology available giving his Sellers the maximum amount of exposure to buyers throughout the world for his portfolio of listings. Brett is constantly adding to his data sources to ensure he can bring the best insights to his clients around broad market trends and specific insights on their most important asset. By leveraging the best real estate technology and real time market information, Brett’s Buyers are able to make optimal decisions due to the fact that they are fully educated and comfortable about market trends and where the market will go in the future. Brett is part of an industry leading team that has won numerous awards and has consistently been ranked as one of the top 100 teams nationwide for four consecutive years: #47 real estate team nationwide in 2016, #89 real estate team nationwide in 2017, #65 real estate team nationwide in 2018, and #55 real estate team nationwide in 2019. Brett has been surveying the market landscape and is finding that local Miami buyers are leaving condos for single family homes and townhouses as demand for high density buildings softened due to COVID-19. Brett is also seeing that current single family homeowners are seeking to leave their properties in favor of larger homes with an extra bedroom or two for home offices, as well as looking for homes on larger lots with more amenities such as pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, home gyms, and movie theaters. Furthermore, there has been a massive influx of buyers from high taxed states leaving the Northeast and Midwest purchasing homes in South Florida. Brett predicts that this trend will only continue due to COVID-19 causing a migration out of highly populated cities coupled with more and more companies allowing their employees to work from home for the foreseeable future. Brett is certainly not the type to rest on his successes. He is diligently building a larger referral network of agents in different markets so he can ensure his clients have vetted resources for their needs outside of Florida, and so he can assist other agents’ clients in South Florida. To learn more about Brett Eaglstein and The Carroll Group of Compass, click here.

#17 George CancioBello

George CanioBello is the Broker and Leader of LIFESTYLE International Realty, a real estate agency with operations in Miami, Florida. With more than 10 years of experience in the real estate industry, George has worked relentlessly to build his brand and create a unique customer experience like none other. LIFESTYLE International Realty is run like a family, making communication, collaboration, and dedication the forefront of the business. Operating in such manner allows George to create a welcoming environment for every client that walks through his doors. Leadership is a value that George holds high, helping him create a positive ambience throughout his company. Dedicated to serving his clients, George created a team of well-rounded professionals to make the customer experience as easy and stress free as possible. LIFESTYLE International Realty has 6 different locations with more than 700 real estate professionals spanned across each location, making their more than $300 million in sales each year possible. George approaches each situation differently, but with maximum effort. No client’s goals are the same, which is why George tailors each and every transaction to benefit the client over anything else. The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has taken tremendous tolls on many industries in the country, however, historically low interest rates have resulted in a boom in the real estate industry. With cheaper loans, higher demand for homes in Florida, and a low supply, George has faced a challenge of only having 24 hours in each day. With so much business, George and his team have worked tirelessly to continue helping people get into the homes of their dreams. The virus has also created the challenge of extending George’s platform without human contact, forcing him to adapt to creating an online presence while still having an impact on his community. With a bright future ahead, George is looking forward to expanding his borders outside the South Florida area and into more states in the U.S. Backed by an unstoppable team, LIFESTYLE International Realty is geared for every challenge and opportunity that comes their way. To learn more about George CancioBello and LIFESTYLE Realty International, click here.

#18 Melinda Grimaldi

Melinda Grimaldi, Esq. is the Owner and Title Attorney of Grimaldi Law Firm, a South Florida Law Firm which has a primary focus of real estate closings. Melinda got involved in commercial real estate at a young age with her family so being a real estate closing attorney was a natural fit for her practice. She helps clients buy, sell, and finance residential and commercial real estate to help make their American Dream come true. With a main office in Hollywood, Florida, Melinda services the entire state of Florida with a focus on the tri-county area of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. The Grimaldi team consists of a multilingual group with professionals speaking in Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Melinda has developed methods to create a seamless closing process for her clients and the Real Estate Agents they work with. Melinda and her team order lien and title searches on the same day they receive a contract from their clients, allowing them to detect problems early and solve them quickly in the process. Throughout every transaction, Melinda provides weekly updates to everyone involved, including the Realtors and lenders, to ensure everyone is updated on information regarding each transaction and so everyone understands their responsibilities, duties and deadlines. By focusing on communication, the transaction stays on track to close as scheduled and all parties will feel comfortable throughout the process. Utilizing the smartest software available, Melinda and her team created a more than 100-point checklist to make certain nothing falls through the cracks unnoticed. Melinda’s process has proven to be extremely effective with a customer satisfaction guarantee and an extensive client referral network. Melinda has been awarded the Rising Star in Real Estate by Super Lawyers in 2020 and when she is not closing deals she is a Co-host of a Real Estate Show called “Damage Control” with Anthony Angelillo, acts as Membership Director for Women’s Council of Realtors Broward and is on the Residential Real Estate & Industry Liaison Committee of the Florida Bar Real Estate Committee. Most importantly, she is a wife and mother to Michael and Matthew. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a vast array of challenges and opportunities for many businesses in the United States, but has resulted in a boom in the real estate industry. Historically low interest rates and increased demand for homes in Florida due to Florida’s weather and no state income tax, has made for an influx of home buyer and seller clients for Melinda and her team. Moving forward, Melinda is looking to expand and provide more value within the real estate industry by continuing with her training and workshops for Real Estate Agents. To learn more about Melinda Grimaldi and the Grimaldi Law Firm, click here.

#19 Pablo Cabrera and Carolina Jraissati

Pablo Cabrera and Carolina Jraissati are the founders of Florida Homegroup Realty, a real estate agency located in Orlando, Florida. At Florida HomeGroup Realty, Pablo and Carolina believe that when it comes to finding a property, there many are important factors which must be taken into account. That is why they go beyond the typical listings, by obtaining information directly from residents and offering multiple options according to their needs to provide people with a more in-depth service about their future experience. Pablo and Carolina are committed to helping you discover a place where you will love living and where you will feel more connected to the experiences you have been seeking. That is why they strive every day to help you build a better world. Offering the best services and honest home values, Pablo and Carolina are committed to doing their due diligence with every client that walks through the door. With more than 14 years of experience, both Pablo and Carolina have seen almost everything in the real estate industry, giving them a competitive edge over other real estate agents in the area. With historically low interest rates in 2020, they believe that now is the time to take advantage of building your real estate portfolio in order to maximize your investment in the future. With such success from the start of Florida Homegroup Realty, Pablo and Carolina will be looking to expand their team to integrate the best agents in the field in the near future. To learn more about Pablo Cabrera and Carolina Jraissati and Florida Homegroup Realty, click here.

#20 Miguel Salazar-Pesce

Miguel Salazar-Pesce is a Real Estate Advisor at Strike Realty and Owner of East Coast Properties and Construction Group, LLC in Miami, Florida. With transparency as the forefront of every business transaction, Miguel ensures that every aspect of a deal is well versed so his clients are updated and satisfied from start to finish. Reflected in his numbers, his business manner has earned his company more than $10 million in industrial sales while financing more than $70 million in commercial underwriting. While his numbers are staggering, Miguel is mainly focused on his clients coming out of every deal with the utmost satisfaction. Focusing on his clients over everything else differentiates Miguel from many of the real estate professionals in the Miami area, allowing him to build a strong and diverse client base. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing havoc on most industries in the United States, it has resulted in a boom in the real estate industry. Due to the Miami area lifting many restrictions early on, Miguel feels that his business has been able to bounce back rapidly with a higher demand for industrial spaces. The pandemic has also created a strong influx of foreign buyers in Miami, which has forced Miguel to adapt to conducting business in different ways. Under such pressure, Miguel and his team were able to allocate more than $20 million to South American business owners, while maintaining superior service and underwriting many of the loans. The uncertainty of times today became an opportunity for growth among Miguel and his team, and none of them are planning for a decline in business anytime soon. Moving forward, Miguel is looking to evolve his company as a whole. While looking to grow his team of professionals and create more opportunities for himself and the business, Miguel hopes to capitalize on the great opportunities the current times have to offer. To learn more about Miguel Salazar, Strike Realty, and East Coast Properties and Construction Group, LLC, click here.

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