This Week: Home prices, consumer spending, nonfarm payrolls

The Conference Board issues its latest monthly snapshot of U.S. consumer confidence Tuesday

A look at some of the key business events and economic indicators upcoming this week:


The Conference Board serves up its latest monthly snapshot of U.S. consumer confidence Tuesday.

Consumer confidence, by month:

April 85.7

May 85.9

June 98.3

July 91.7

Aug. 84.8

Sept. (est.) 90.0

Source: FactSet


The Commerce Department issues its August tally of consumer spending Thursday.

Consumers have increased their spending after pulling back sharply in March and April as the pandemic led to millions of job losses and business closures. Consumer spending, the primary driver of the U.S. economy, climbed 1.9% in July. That followed increases of 8.6% in May and 6.2% in June. Economists project spending rose 0.8% in August.

Consumer spending, monthly percent change, seasonally adjusted:

March -6.7

April -12.9

May 8.6

June 6.2

July 1.9

Aug. (est.) 0.8

Source: FactSet


Economists predict U.S. employers added the fewest jobs in September since hiring resumed in May.

They expect the Labor Department will report Friday that nonfarm employers added 870,000 jobs this month. That would be down from about 1.4 million jobs in August, when the national unemployment rate declined to 8.4% from 10.2%. As of August, the economy had recovered about half of the 22 million jobs lost to the pandemic.

Nonfarm payrolls, monthly change, seasonally adjusted:

April -20,787,000

May 2,725,000

June 4,781,000

July 1,734,000

Aug. 1,371,000

Sept. (est.) 870,000

Source: FactSet

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