The popular motel from ‘Schitt’s Creek’ will soon be up for sale

The Ontario property that plays the role of the Rosebud Motel on the popular Canadian series “Schitt’s Creek” is being put up for sale.

Jesse Tipping, owner of the real-life Rosebud Motel in Hockley Valley, Ont., told CTV News Channel that the infamous property is set to hit the market next month.

Tipping explained in an interview on Sunday that he had planned to list the property earlier this year. However, when COVID-19 hit, he decided to open it up to a local group in need of space for people to quarantine.

“Because of [the pandemic] and the guidelines of quarantine, I found a local organization that needed the ability to have some more space for what they do and so it’s been tenanted out for COVID base purposes,” Tipping said.

Despite the temporary setback, Tipping does not expect to have any problems selling the motel.

He said “Schitt’s Creek” fans have flocked to the property over the years to take pictures in front of the motel, and even more in recent days after the show swept the Emmy Awards last weekend. The quirky sitcom nabbed all seven categories in which it was nominated, including best comedy series.

“It’s been a little bit of a circus. There’s just car after car after car of people rolling in trying to take pictures. Yesterday I stopped by and the traffic was stopped in front of it… It’s a little bit wild,” Tipping said.

While the next owner won’t find Johnny Rose of Stevie Budd manning the check-in desk, the motel — located approximately 87 kilometres northwest of downtown Toronto — features eight apartment-style rooms and a three-bedroom dwelling. The property sits on eight acres of the Nottawasaga River, and the grounds also feature a horse stable.

Tipping said it has been “really fun” having the cast and crew of “Schitt’s Creek” film the comedy series at his property over the years.

“They’re incredible to work with, from the location manager to the crew and everybody, they’re amazing. They take care of the grounds as if it was their own, they respect it, they engage with the community when they can and it was a really wonderful process,” Tipping said.

Tipping bought the property in 2011 knowing it was already listed on a filming location database for television shows and movies.

Films including 2005’s “A History of Violence” and television shows such as “11.22.63” and Netflix’s “The Umbrella Academy” have also filmed scenes on the property.

Despite its recent surge in popularity, the motel has more of a history than its role in the film industry.

Currently serving as the president of the Athlete Institute Basketball Academy and Orangeville Prep, Tipping initially purchased the motel to house Canadian basketball recruits.

Jamal Murray, a Denver Nuggets player who hails from Kitchener, Ont., spent two years living there while Miami Heat’s Kyle Alexander, who grew up in Toronto, also spent some time at the motel.

Following early success from the TV show, Tipping also rented some of the rooms at the Rosebud Motel on Airbnb for a few years.

“I’m emotionally invested in this show. I’ve loved watching it since episode one since I got to meet them and even just hear the name of what it was going to be called, it was fantastic,” he said.

Tipping has not put a price tag on the property yet but said he plans to discuss a number with his real estate agent next week.

Tipping said he would love to see the property’s next owner turn it into a “Schitt’s Creek”-themed motel as a tribute to the show. But regardless of the motel’s next use, Tipping hopes the new buyer puts the property to good use.

“The property itself is so beautiful. It’s very pretty and it’s an incredible spot and the motel itself has had a great history in the community and I hope that somebody who buys it honours that history is able to keep it going,” Tipping said.

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