The dream team of owners if the Seahawks are put up for sale

The Seahawks might be sold in the next few years. If the team is sold, here is a list of who should lead the Seattle NFL franchise.

First of all, it should be noted that on the surface after Jody Allen basically became the de-facto owner of the Seahawks after her brother Paul’s death in 2018, nothing much changed. The team spent the same as they had since Pete Carroll and Paul Allen came to Seattle in 2010 to be the head coach and general manager, respectively, and the team maintained its success.

Owners can go two different ways in the NFL, it seems. They can meddle like Jerry Jones does in Dallas and Dan Snyder does in Washington, and the teams seem to suffer. Or an owner can let the guys and gals who know football do what they do and win games.

People who should be involved in the Seahawks next ownership group

Seattle has won a lot of games since Paul Allen became the owner and set the landscape for how he thought the team should be run, which lasts even after his death. This plan implies that the owner shouldn’t get too involved in the day-to-day building of the actual team. The owner has the final word on costs, sure.

But does the owner worry about who the second-string tight end is? Only as much as the hope that whoever the second-string tight end is actually helps win football games.

But now it appears that Seattle’s football franchise has to be put up for sale based on Paul Allen’s conditions with his trust and the trust took over after Paul’s death. The Seahawks may not be sold next year or the next but probably by 2025.

If that is so, here are a few dream candidates who should be involved in the new ownership group.