Florida’s Venezuelan Diaspora Sees Trump as Best, Flawed Hope

(Bloomberg) — They left a divided and broken nation for one that’s divided and breaking.

Venezuelans came to South Florida to put the troubled nation behind them. Preparing to cast the first votes of their new lives as American citizens, they’re faced with a wrenching decision: whether to support Donald Trump, the U.S. president who has been the most vocal against their former tormentors, despite having strongman qualities of his own. Many of them are.

Maria Paulina Camejo, a 29-year-old film student, emigrated to Miami in 2012 after the government of Hugo Chavez, the bombastic leader who began Venezuela’s so-called socialist revolution, expropriated her father’s bank and jailed him. She plans to vote for Trump because of his pro-business policies and attention to Venezuela’s crisis. She also worries about his behavior, which in recent days has included repeated refusals to commit to a peaceful transition of power.

“It’s not

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Iran reportedly loading Venezuelan oil for sale abroad

Sep 23, 2020

An Iranian fuel tanker has reportedly reached Venezuela and is loading the South American country’s oil for sale abroad, despite continued US efforts to stop such transfers.

The Iran-flagged vessel Honey is currently docked in Venezuela, the financial news outlet Bloomberg reported on Tuesday. It is loading Venezuelan crude oil to be sold in Asia. Last week, the ship, which also goes by the name Horse, unloaded Iranian fuel in Venezuela.

The ship did not use its satellite signal to avoid being detected by the United States, according to Bloomberg. The ship tracking website Marine Traffic reported that the Iranian ship Horse was confirmed as being off the coast of Iran on Sept. 8. The tanker does not list a destination.

 In August, the US seized more than a million barrels of Iran oil purportedly heading to Venezuela aboard four ships. The companies responsible for the shipment

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