Farmville foreclosure! Why Facebook is canning its most popular game | Technology

Name: FarmVille.

Appearance: Cute, colourful agricultural community filled with innocent, wide-eyed people and animals who are never slaughtered.

Is that somewhere in the midwest of the United States? If you want it to be.

How long has it been around? Eleven years.

And how is FarmVille doing? Not well. In fact, it’s about to be closed down.

That’s terrible. What’s the reason? Covid, the recession, Trump, the rise of veganism? Declining popularity and the fact that Flash games will no longer be supported on Facebook from the end of the year.

I’m not with you. I gather that. FarmVille is an award-winning game made by US-based developer Zynga; a digital simulation of a farming community, a computerised Ambridge. At one point, it was the most popular game on Facebook with more than 80 million players. But times change.

What did you have to do to play the game? Invest a

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