School for sale: This university and surrounding property is available in B.C.

Real estate is not an uncommon topic in B.C., and the pricier properties come with everything from ocean views to elevators.

But it’s not often these listings come with a university campus.

Colliers International is selling just that. The 55-acre property that includes the Quest University campus is now for sale.

The school and sports centre take up about 21 acres of the property.

Ideally, the school hopes for offers to sell the development lands around the campus, but the listing says Quest University would consider a sale that includes a long-term lease back for continued use.

The liberal arts and science school that opened in 2007 was forced to seek court protection in February after being unable to pay its debts.

Other parts of the original site have already been sold off or developed.

The land is located in Squamish, B.C., a town about 65 kilometres north

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