Want to succeed at real estate investing? Learn to build your network.

Most real estate gurus peddling real estate courses will tell you that networking is important but it’s typically very superficial and undervalued. Many new investors just set out to build a big contact list comprised of people who have no idea who they are or why they’d be calling on any given day. Then they only make contact when they need something.

A network needs a lot of attention, and neglecting it is a major mistake. I’m not good at networking. I pretty much despise going to real estate investor meetings and listening to people pontificate about how amazing they are and overinflating the tales of their great exploits. Most of them are completely full of it. “Fake it until you make it” is a major motto in the real estate investing world, and many investors fully commit themselves to the mantra.

Networking is work. It’s not easy, and that’s

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