Home Prices Jumped 5.9% in August, Which Explains Why Buyers Are Struggling

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Mortgage rates have been remarkably low since the summer, and for that reason alone, many prospective buyers have clamored to purchase homes. They’re being tripped up, however, by soaring prices.

Home prices increased 5.9% nationally in August 2020, according to the CoreLogic Home Price Index, compared to a year prior. We have limited inventory to thank for that. The supply of available homes in August decreased by 17% from the previous year, leading to an uptick in demand and creating a housing market loaded with bidding wars as eager buyers compete to win contracts on the limited inventory.

The result? Many buyers are struggling to find homes, so they may not get to take advantage of the phenomenally low mortgage rates.

Is it worth it to buy a home today?

Locking in a mortgage at a low rate could result in a world of savings —

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Silver Prices Struggling – Will US Jobs Report Change Narrative?

Silver Price Forecast Overview:

  • After an explosive start to the summer, the silver price rally has come to a screeching halt as the seasons have changed to the fall. In part, this has to due with the last US jobs report – which is why the forthcoming release on Friday is so critical.
  • A rise silver volatility in context of broader market conditions (strength in equity markets, weakness in the US Dollar) could prove to be beneficial for silver prices and reverse a recent deterioration in the relationship between silver prices and silver volatility.
  • Recent changes in sentiment suggests that silver prices have a bearish outlook in the short-term.

Traits of Successful Traders
Traits of Successful Traders

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Traits of Successful Traders

Silver Prices Find Support at Pandemic Trendline

Silver prices have struggled throughout September, with the rally from the March lows brought to a screeching halt thanks to a turn in US

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Man puts himself up for sale on Facebook after struggling on dating apps

A man listed himself on Facebook in an attempt to find a girlfriend after failing to find love on dating apps.

Alan Clayton, 30, described himself as “free” and in “good condition” on the items for sale page – an unusual attempt which has left his inbox brimming with prospective matches.

The lorry driver, from Kettering, has only been on one date so far, which sadly didn’t work out, but hopes the novel approach will attract more Northants-based singletons.

After seeing his friends settle down and get married, he now wants this for himself, and admits he hasn’t had a girlfriend since school.

He put himself out there on social media. (SWNS)

Speaking about his decision, Clayton explains: “I’ve tried conventional apps like Tinder and Plenty of Fish but nothing has really happened so I went to sign up to e-Harmony.

“They asked me lots of questions and I

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