A six-month pause on foreclosure actions will end Oct. 5 in Stark

Ed Balint
| The Repository

The expressions on the faces of four people taking part in an online foreclosure class were tense and serious.

Nobody in the group of Stark and Summit county residents had planned on being in Thursday’s Zoom-based class but circumstances dictated otherwise.

“I just want to stay in my home,” one of the participants said, the man repeating the mantra throughout the session in which Community Legal Aid staff guided homeowners through the stages of foreclosure while offering tips on how to navigate the process and avoid pitfalls.

Homeowners were warned of scam artists who take advantage of people during vulnerable financial times.

The group already had existing foreclosure cases, some resulting from unpaid property taxes. One of the four cases predates the pandemic.

But a potential “landslide” of new foreclosure filings is anticipated in Stark County Common Pleas Court after proceedings resume in existing cases

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