Huge T-rex skeleton, almost complete, some battle damage

One of the largest, most complete and most famous Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons is about to go under the hammer. The dinosaur, nicknamed “Stan,” has been on display in the Black Hills Institute for decades, but will now be auctioned off by Christie’s to whoever has a spare few million dollars and a T-rex-sized space on hand.

Named after palaeontologist Stan Sacrison who discovered the first bones in 1987, Stan is a magnificent specimen of one of the most incredible creatures to have ever walked the planet. He stands 13 feet (4 m) high at the hip and stretches 40 feet (12 m) long from snout to tail, and is estimated to have weighed between 7 and 8 tons – putting him not far behind Scotty as one of the largest Tyrannosaurs ever found.

Made up of 188 original bones, Stan is also the fifth-most complete T-rex, behind other celebrities like

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