Shops and homes devastated by floods in Italy’s Ventimiglia [Video]



1. Wide shot people clearing up in front of a supermarket with damage estimated at 60,000 euros by the owner2. Mid shot muddy road in front of a flooded supermarket3. Pan left inhabitants clearing the ground4. Mid shot person next to a disaster-stricken house

5. SOUNDBITE 1 – Alessio Rizzu, shopkeeper at the Ventimiglia market (male, French, 10 sec): “Look, it’s quite a disaster, I have a lot of goods to throw away and for the whole market it’s the same. It’s a disaster.”

“Regarde, c’est tout un désastre, j’ai plein de marchandises à jeter et pour tout le marché c’est pareil. C’est un désastre.”

6. Cutaway: Close-up floor being cleaned

7. Wide shot shopkeepers cleaning up their shops

8. SOUNDBITE 2 – Davide Voarino, manager of a jewellery shop in Ventimiglia (male, Italian, 18 sec): “We’ve had the river flooded a few

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