Multifamily: Modest to million-dollar homes in a shared setting | Business

Heron rendering

A rendering of the new multifamily development undergoing construction on Daniel Island. These condos are the “Heron” which are waterfront homes. Photo/East West Partners.

As we move to a “new normal,” as many like to refer to our current COVID world, and once we are post-pandemic, multifamily living has a new focus. In both the leasing and buying of these dwellings, a shift is occurring.

Pre-pandemic, most multifamily renters and buyers wanted to live in the city. From young professionals to seniors, the appeal of living where one could work, walk, dine and have easy access to cultural venues and events was appealing. That appears to be changing as more people are leaving large cities to migrate to smaller ones or to the suburbs.

Charleston and its burbs are where many of those buyers are looking. Its less dense downtown population and nearby neighborhoods offer much to buyers who want

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