Oregon man saves homes, hatchery during Holiday Farm Fire

As the flames of the Holiday Farm Fire moved in, many different heroes raced to save the Leaburg Hatchery. But not all those heroes were trained firefighters.

EUGENE, Ore. — Sometimes it takes just a few words jotted down on a piece of paper to start a story. This one starts with a few words jotted down by Robb Maris on a note left the day the Holiday Farm Fire swept through.

“I did the best I could to keep the advancing fire way from these structures,” Maris said as he walked through the hatchery homes pointing to the scorch marks on the buildings and ground.

“I was just some random resident,” he said.

But on the night of Sept. 8, Maris was anything but just a random resident. He was a hero as he battled back the flames of the Holiday Farm Fire burning along the McKenzie River east

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