How I Saved My Home from Foreclosure

Thirteen years ago, Thomas Nitzsche was working night shifts in the customer service department of a global financial services company — tasked, mainly, with helping clients wire cash from credit cards to casino ATMs in the wee hours of the morning.

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Nitzsche lost that job when the 2008 recession rolled around, and as a brand new homeowner, he had to fight tooth and nail to keep from losing a lot more.

“I was still paying on student loans, I had a new car payment, plus a mortgage, utilities, and all the normal housing and living expenses,” he says. “I had to get creative to make the math work.”

Today, Nitzsche is head of media relations at Money Management International (MMI), a nonprofit that helps dig people out of financial ruts through mortgage, credit, and loan counseling, and a 24/7 national hotline that’s pretty much the diametric opposite

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