Renters, landlords need legislative eviction relief

With time running out for financially struggling renters, it appears Gov. Charlie Baker wants the state Legislature to step up and decide those individuals’ fate.

Baker signed a moratorium in April blocking most evictions and foreclosures for several months, aiming to avoid housing disruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He later extended its expiration to Oct. 17, which he could do again in 90-day increments. The ban doesn’t cover rents due before that April directive.

Baker hasn’t made any public pronouncement concerning the expiration of the moratorium.

Three landlords previously tried suing the state, alleging the ban breaches the Constitution’s contracts clause and prevents them from exercising free speech, petitioning the judiciary and acquiring compensation for unlawful land taking. While their suit failed, even the judge who upheld the ban apparently questioned how long this arrangement can continue.

“I think this affirms the principle that we as legislators are protecting the

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Some renters need to be evicted, so that good renters can have the homes they deserve

I am a small passive investor in working-class apartment communities, Class B and C. This is affordable housing with rents ranging from $750 to $1,400. A syndicator pools our funds, buys a run-down apartment community and rehabs it, creating good, clean, safe, affordable housing for working-class families. Our motto is “Best Product, Best Price.”

Our syndicators work closely with honest residents, helping them to find local rent subsidies, deferring rent payments, and otherwise working with them in this time of crisis. But there are residents whose evictions have nothing to do with COVID-19, and we must be allowed to evict them.

It is critically important that government officials, politicians and religious leaders rushing to create eviction moratoriums understand the challenges our syndicators face and why evictions are sometimes necessary. Our syndicators provide monthly reports and financials. Here is a tale told by one such syndicator in his monthly reports and

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