Fargo recap: American family values

James Hibberd Notes How ‘Fargo’s’ Production Delay May Have Increased Its Fourth Season’s Cultural Relevance

EW Editor-at-Large, James Hibberd, shares why the new season of ‘Fargo’ might resonate with viewers more right now, and discusses Chris Rock’s performance, and why this season feels different than previous ones.

No one’s ever quite sure what anyone else is up to in Fargo, but that begins to change in “The Pretend War,” which finds the show’s contentious factions all gaining a greater understanding of the motives and machinations of their rivals, neighbors, and significant others. Except, that is, when it comes to the mysterious specter who appears to be haunting the Smutny clan.

In the dead of night, Ethelrida writes at her desk. Upon hearing a noise, she slowly opens her bedroom door and spies an elderly white stranger sitting in a chair. He turns to reveal a gaunt, pasty face with

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