Monmouth Real Estate: The Common Shares Are Attractive, The Preferreds A Safe Investment (NYSE:MNR)


During the second quarter, when the share prices started to rebound after the initial COVID-19 pandemic and panic, I had to make choices. I was too frugal to pay $12 per share of Monmouth Real Estate (MNR) as the price had dipped below $9 during the initial panic, but I was wrong as my frugality caused me to miss an excellent entry point and the share price continued to trade above $14 all summer long. Around the same time, I initially didn’t want to pay $24.4 for the preferred share(MNR.PC) and I ended up buying the preferreds at par ($25). Monmouth’s share price has come off a bit and I wanted to figure out if I should just pay the $13.30/share it’s currently trading at. After all, quality has its price and given the 99%+ occupancy rate and 99%+ rent collection rate of this single tenant REIT focusing

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