Even Funeral Homes Are Getting Pinched by Amazon

Cremation boxes at a funeral home in New York City.


Angus Mordant/Bloomberg News

When death gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Many American businesses have seen demand slump during the Covid-19 pandemic while others have seen it unexpectedly surge. Yet even those in the latter category haven’t always been able to capitalize. Take a sector that has received some 215,000 customers and counting courtesy of the coronavirus: death care.

Industry leader

Service Corp. International

SCI 0.40%

said it had a 7.3% increase in services performed in the second quarter but basically no bump in revenue as a growing share of families asked for “direct cremation,” which is cheaper than burial. Not that it didn’t try to upsell: “To further enhance revenue opportunities, we continue to focus on our cremation customers’ preferences and remaining relevant by developing additional memorialization merchandise and services,” wrote the company

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