A New Opportunity for Real Estate Investors

In August 2020, Congress established a new opportunity zone for real estate investors and business owners with the designation of Hemp Opportunity Zones. As with other opportunity zones, these come with significant, long-term tax advantages to the investor.

This new type of opportunity zone could be an additional way for investors to benefit from tax advantages while gaining access to a budding industry. Learn what an Hemp Opportunity Zone is and the opportunity for investors in this market.

Opportunity zones, explained

An opportunity zone is intended to attract capital to low-income or undercapitalized areas of the United States as identified in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Job Act. Metrics such as the poverty rate and median income are used to classify census tracts as areas in need of economic stimulus.

One of the biggest advantages to a real estate investor is the eligibility to defer capital gains tax on a

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For These Indigenous Artists ‘Land Back’ Is Both A Political Message And A Fundraising Opportunity

When Katy Grable Gonzalez, 29, beads the words “Land Back” into a pair of earrings to sell she is simultaneously referencing three different land reclamation movements fought by her relatives. On her father’s side, the Yaqui are fighting against a border wall between the Mexican state of Sonora and the Southwestern United States and Native Hawaiians are resisting the construction of a telescope on sacred mountain Maunakea. On her mother’s side, the Huichol have clashed with the Mexican government over mining and drilling operations on their sacred lands.

When the earrings are sold, Grable Gonzalez donates the majority of the proceeds to organizations on the frontlines of the movements for Black lives and Indigenous sovereignty, as well as to the Navajo Nation COVID relief fund. She also transfers funds directly to individuals in need of

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Is Oil And Gas A Viable Replacement Property Opportunity For A 1031 Exchange DST?

Oil and natural gas investing, like other real assets, can provide a protective hedge to inflation. While depressed oil and gas commodity prices negatively impact returns, oil and gas investments may perform better than traditional stocks and bonds in an economic downturn or during periods of excess inflation.

What is a 1031 Exchange?

The 1031 Exchange name comes from Internal Revenue Code Section 1031. It enables you to defer capital gains tax and depreciation by reinvesting the proceeds from the sale of investment property into a replacement property, thus preserving significant wealth.

Section 1031 exchange deferrals may be continued through a series of exchanges. However, selling the property without exchanging into a new property would potentially trigger a realization of capital gains and possible depreciation recapture. 

What is a DST?

DST is the abbreviation for Delaware Statutory Trust. A DST is an entity which may hold title for real

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