How to Buy a House With No Money Down in 2020

Borrowers curious about how to buy a house with no money down should know that no-down-payment home loans exist. There are low-down-payment options, too. You can even use first-time homebuyer down payment assistance programs to help cover your loan expenses.

What is a zero-down mortgage?

A zero-down mortgage is the same as buying a house with no money down, meaning the lender provides 100% of the financing. No-down-payment home loans are difficult to find because lenders generally prefer borrowers to put some money down to offset the risk of default. Homebuyers — especially first-time homebuyers — may be able to take advantage of local assistance programs to cover their down payment. Combining assistance programs with low-down-payment mortgages can result in little to no down payment if you qualify.

No-down-payment home loans

We’ll take a look at your options for buying a house with no money down, as well as what

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Coppell man charged with scamming $17 million in PPP money to buy luxury cars and homes

Federal investigators say a Coppell man fraudulently applied for dozens of federal stimulus PPP grants and received more than $17 million that he spent buying real estate and luxury cars such as a Bentley and a Corvette.

Government prosecutors have now charged dozens of people with fraudulently receiving grants from the Payroll Protection Program.

© Brian Elledge/Staff Photographer/The Dallas Morning News/TNS
Government prosecutors have now charged dozens of people with fraudulently receiving grants from the Payroll Protection Program.

A coalition of federal agencies charged Dinesh Sah, 55, of Coppell, with applying for $24.8 million in PPP loans for 15 businesses that claimed to have more than 500 employees, but in fact, many of the businesses were registered after the CARES Act was passed and did not have any employees, according to court documents detailing the indictment.

“Mr. Sah exploited this terrible pandemic for personal gain – and he should be held accountable to the American people for that behavior,” said U.S. Attorney Erin Nealy Cox in

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NFL owner Shad Khan selling luxurious yacht for incredible amount of money

Shad Khan, the billionaire owner of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars and the English Premier League’s Fulham FC and co-owner of All Elite Wrestling, has put up his luxurious yacht Kismet for sale.

And it can all be yours for about $198.8 million.


The yacht was built in 2014 by German shipyard Lurssen. The 312-foot vessel has eight staterooms sleeping 16 guests. The vessel can accommodate 28 crew members.

The Kismet comes with a pool and a helipad (Photo by Patrick McMullan/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

“Built under the supervision of the Moran yacht construction team, the 95m KISMET yacht was delivered by luxury yacht builders Lurssen in 2014. This award-winning superyacht features a gorgeous exterior design by Espen Oeino and a decadent

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Real estate Q&A: How can buyers protect themselves in a seller’s market? | Money

Q: We are house hunting, and our real estate agent warned us it is a “seller’s market,” and we need to decide quickly. This makes me nervous. What can we do to protect ourselves and still find a home for our family? — Gina

A: Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, or maybe because of it, many areas are experiencing a hot real estate market.

I have experienced several cycles of buyer and seller markets and have learned there are good and bad deals to be found in any market.

The basics of real estate do not change. First, remember that you are buying only one home, not the entire market. Keep looking until you find the house right for you. Homes are too expensive, and moving is too difficult to settle.

It would be best if you also kept realistic expectations. A deal that looks too good to be true invariably

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Leaked Bank Docs Show Money Laundering Ties to Real Estate

2701 Jockey Circle in Davie, FL (Google Maps, iStock)

2701 Jockey Circle in Davie, FL (Google Maps, iStock)

A group of South Florida property owners’ alleged ties to global money laundering are revealed in newly leaked bank documents.

A family who owns a home worth more than $2 million in the Jockey Circle neighborhood in Davie and a man accused of buying an $850,000 Tudor cottage in Davie with drug money are among the property owners emerging from a trove of suspicious activity reports, according to the Miami Herald.

The reports are documents collected and analyzed by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, or FinCEN, to find potential money laundering.

The Ceballos family of Davie were flagged for $260 million in transactions from April 2013 to January 2014 that looked suspicious to a bank. Venezuela’s national oil company and an anti-poverty program were among the government agencies that made large payments to Ceballos companies, according to the Herald. Companies tied

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Quibi may be for sale. But what is it worth, and who would buy it? | Money

“The SPACs are no longer this niche, unusual product,” Danics said. “A lot of people understand it and understand the role that they play in bringing private companies public.”

Katzenberg, who declined to comment on this story, has blamed much of the company’s struggles on the COVID-19 pandemic. A big part of Quibi’s pitch was that its users were supposed to watch videos during “in-between” moments, like waiting for the bus or standing in line for coffee. Those activities were largely curbed by coronavirus closures.

While the health crisis undoubtedly contributed to Quibi’s troubles, the streaming service made other miscalculations, analysts said.

By the time Quibi launched last April, consumers already had a vast amount of streaming options, including platforms with much larger libraries like Netflix and Disney+. That made it critical for Quibi to launch with a lineup of breakout content.

“They’re a late entrant in a very, very

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