Take N.Y. Real Estate Mogul’s Liveyourbeastlife at 30-1 in the Preakness

(Bloomberg) — William Lawrence, a New York real-estate guy, has for years teamed up with hedge-fund billionaire Seth Klarman to buy racehorses.

Invariably, the two men, along with an old friend of Klarman’s, slap awfully nerdy financial names on their young colts and fillies. There was Currency Swap and Minsky Moment and Pricedtoperfection and Money Multiplier.

But every once in a while, Lawrence will strike out on his own and buy a horse under his name alone. Which is how we got Liveyourbeastlife — a name that would seem to have very little in common with the likes of Merger Arbitrage and Fed Watcher — running in the Preakness Stakes on Saturday.

Now for most of his young career, Lawrence’s beast was a pretty mediocre sort, content to cross the finish line surrounded by his pals in the middle of the pack. But a few months back, the beast’s conditioner

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