Little: Manage the risk | Letters

I work as a sports official (freelance vendor) for a variety of local schools and associations, including RUSD and the Metro Classic Conference, in which both St. Catherine’s and Lutheran High compete. While some of my brethren have elected to sit out the fall/winter sports seasons, I have chosen to participate in high-risk volleyball this fall.

The Journal Times editorial of Sept. 30 makes salient points on the COVID-19 dangers of busing and travel issues. Obviously, in these troubled times, eliminating all risk is not possible. So it becomes an issue of managing the risk — lowering it to a level of acceptable. And perhaps as a further indicator of these fractious times, everyone seems to have a different take on acceptable risk. A lot of it is location-based — urban vs. rural. (And too much is political-based, sadly.)

While your editorial pointed out many of the minuses our local

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Wirch: Taxpayers are paying the price | Letters

In August, voters in deep-red Missouri voted to provide more people with health insurance and save taxpayer dollars by accepting federal Medicaid expansion. Missouri is the latest state to take this no-brainer of a deal. Wisconsin hasn’t, and it’s costing us money and jeopardizing people’s health.

For years, Wisconsin Republicans have played politics, resisting any attempt to accept the federal Medicaid expansion offered through the Affordable Care Act. Under Scott Walker, they refused a vote on any Democratic legislation on the issue. When Gov. Evers included Medicaid expansion in his first budget proposal, Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee were finally forced to vote, and they killed the proposal. No facts or public opinion could sway them.

Wisconsin taxpayers are paying the price. According to the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau, accepting Medicaid funding would save $324.5 million in state taxpayer money and bring in $1.6 billion in federal funds in

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Kruse leaves behind legacy of dedication to golfing community | Letters to the Editor

Don Kruse, head PGA professional and director of golf at Jackrabbit Run Golf Course, will be retiring on Oct. 20.

Don started as the assistant golf pro at GI Municipal in 1977 during the inaugural season. He took over the director role in 2007. For the past 43 years, Don has been a valuable contributor to not only Jackrabbit Run GC but to the Grand Island and Central Nebraska golfing community.

Don has worked tirelessly, promoting and teaching, golf to the youth, men, women and seniors in Grand Island. Youth programs, high school golf, and the men’s, women’s and senior leagues are only some of the contributions that Don has made. The long hours put in to host the tournaments over the years never dampened his spirits.

Tens of thousands of golfers have entered the course on Shady Bend Road to be greeted by the same friendly face for the

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