11 Best Large Bird Cages For Sale (2020)

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Large birds need a lot of space so they can stretch their wings and move around. It can be a challenge to find a cage that’s both decorative, functional, and so solid even the most crafty Macaw can’t figure out how to open the door. Perhaps it’s time to update the old cage and add some new toys and stands? They say a beautiful cage makes for a beautiful bird – here are some of the best large bird cages on the market right now.

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    Super Deal Pro Large Bird Cage

    large birdcage for list


    • Solid doors with safety locks
    • Play-area included on top of cage
    • Bite safe lead-free powder coating
    • Individual doors by feeding dishes


    • Some assembly
    • Not appropriate for the largest bird breeds
    • Heavy at 45.1 pounds

    This is a beautifully designed wrought iron birdcage which would be the perfect home for an active bird. It

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Home Prices Skyrocketing Because Of Low Mortgage Rates, Not Because Covid-19 Increased Demand For Large Homes

Home prices are skyrocketing in most U.S. markets despite Covid-19, a recession and a shockingly high unemployment rate.

Many analysts are speculating that part of the boom in house prices is caused by Covid-19—that some people are concerned about Covid-19 contagion and don’t want to live in tight, multi-family buildings anymore, so they’re buying single-family homes in the suburbs. Another theory along the same lines is that because working from home has skyrocketed, some people want more space, so they’re buying larger single-family homes, especially if their kids are home all day, too. This seems to be happening in metro New York City, but what about places that weren’t hit as hard by Covid-19 and aren’t as dense as New York City?

Certainly the lower mortgage interest rates are a huge part of the current home price boom. The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage rate the first week of January 2020

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