Buffalo Bill’s THE SILENCE OF THE LAMB House Is Up for Sale

Looking to buy a new home? Good luck. It’s a seller’s market out there right now. That means you’ll likely have to pay more than you’d like. Even for a house that comes with a few issues. Some properties will need major renovations. Others will be located farther away from where you’d like. But one home currently on the market comes with a caveat that is either very cool or very weird, depending on how big of a cinephile you are. Buffalo Bill‘s house from The Silence of the Lambs is now up for sale.

But no, it does not have a well in the basement.

The home of one of cinema’s most infamous serial killers can now be yours (in a listing we heard about at Boing Boing). The house at 8 Circle St. in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania, the one where Buffalo Bill lived in the iconic film, is

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