Awaiting JEDI, Pentagon finds ‘new homes’ for missions that need cloud now

Written by

Billy Mitchell

While the Department of Defense’s Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud acquisition remains held up in court, CIO Dana Deasy is looking to find “new homes” in the cloud for critical defense mission sets that can’t wait around any longer for JEDI.

When the Court of Federal Claims ordered DOD in February to halt work with Microsoft under the $10 billion JEDI contract amid Amazon‘s protest of the deal, the department pivoted to find alternative clouds for services, commands and other defense agencies with “urgent warfighting” needs, Deasy told reporters Tuesday.

“Our day-one philosophy when we were told by the court we need to stand down moving forward with Microsoft was to cause no harm, cause no disruption to the warfighter,” Deasy said during a press call hosted by the Defense Writers Group. Before the court’s injunction, DOD had started preparing a

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