Why Buying a Home Is a Smart Investment for Millennials

Millennials are swarmed with investing advice – start saving early, take advantage of your employer’s 401(k) match and for heaven’s sake, dump those high-interest credit cards! But for many who are looking to build a retirement nest egg, financial advisors say purchasing a home is one of the best investments millennials can make.

“Buying a home is one of the smartest financial decisions you can make as early as your 20s,” says Riccardo Ravasini, managing director of Rava Realty, who handles properties in New York and Florida, “because it is inflation-protected and a physical asset that doesn’t disappear like stocks can do.”

Nationwide, millennials have been reluctant to buy homes for various reasons, including a volatile job market, high student debt and the delaying of life events, such as marriage. The rate of homeownership for millennials dipped to a low of 36.2 percent in 2014, according to U.S. Census data,

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The Hot New Real-Estate Investment Is in Keeping Food Chilled

Cold storage is becoming one of the hottest real-estate investments during the pandemic.

Lineage Logistics LLC, the world’s largest landlord of temperature-controlled warehouses, concluded a fundraising round last month that brought in $1.6 billion. It is expected to pursue a public offering, according to commercial real-estate analytics firm Green Street.

Americold Realty Trust,

the only publicly listed cold-storage real-estate investment trust, recorded a 6% increase in net operating income in the second quarter. Together, the two firms have 59% of the cold-storage market share in the U.S. and are growing quickly.

Fans of this niche sector say the pandemic showed it can readily adapt to new customers and environments.

Cold-storage warehouses, which are similar to industrial warehouses but are refrigerated to store goods that need to remain fresh or frozen, usually cater to food producers, food wholesalers and retailers such as grocers, restaurants and other bulk buyers. But during

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3 real estate investment strategies to maximize your portfolio

  • Strategy plays an important role in building a real estate portfolio. 
  • Ryan Boykin and Jason Shepherd are the cofounders of Atlas Real Estate, a Denver-based property management firm dating to 2013 that now has a portfolio of over 6,000 properties. 
  • With over a decade of experience in real estate investing and property management, the cofounders say 3 strategies should be front of mind for any real-estate investor.
  • Cash flow is king, thinking long-term is essential, and recognizing the value of natural limits is key.
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Smart investors know the right strategy plays an important role in building a real estate portfolio.

And that couldn’t be more true for Ryan Boykin and Jason Shepherd, the cofounders of Atlas Real Estate, a Denver-based property management firm born out of the 2008 financial crisis

“We saw a giant problem in society,” they told Business Insider in

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Washington Real Estate Investment Trust: DC Metro Stability And Redevelopments Will Fuel Long-Term Growth (NYSE:WRE)


Washington Real Estate Investment Trust (WRE) (“WashREIT”) has exposure to an extremely stable market in the Washington DC metro area. Its properties cover ground in downtown DC, northern Virginia, and Maryland suburbs. The diversified REIT boasts multifamily, office, and retail holdings.

Management has de-risked its portfolio by transitioning to lower-cap rate, lower-risk, and higher-growth suburban multifamily properties. Capital recycling from high-cap rate to lower-cap rate properties has resulted in a short-term decrease in core funds from operations per share and an underperforming stock price. However, the company is well-positioned for the long term with a suburban multifamily focus.

The sector and market focus position the company to benefit from population and employment migration to the region, as well as a continued housing shortage. WashREIT is undervalued due to its diversified nature and recent core FFO per share declines. Suburban office is stable, and retail makes a small portion of

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Passive Real Estate Investment Can Be Win/Win With The Right Syndicator

Matt Picheny is the Managing Partner at MJP Property Group. 15 years’ experience as a real estate investor, syndicator, operator and author.

My first big move in real estate was when I decided to move to New York City to become an actor and was inspired by the musical Rent. Ironically, this led to a career in digital advertising, and finally, real estate investment. I refused to leave the nineties idealism of Rent behind me though, until I promised myself one thing. I wanted to be a more enlightened owner whose investments made life better for the people who lived in my properties.

In my capacity today as both a passive real estate investor and syndicator, that purpose is the driving force behind all of my deals. My real estate syndication company buys and operates multifamily apartment buildings. This means that I manage all aspects of every investment

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Maria’s Taco Xpress Sells to Investment Company, Sign Up for Sale: Iconic South Austin restaurant has been operating since 1997 – Food

Maria Corbalan, owner and namesake of the South Austin institution Maria’s Taco Xpress, announced today via press release that her business has been sold after 24 years in operation.

Maria Corbalan of Maria’s Taco Xpress in March 2014 (Photo by John Anderson)

Maria’s Taco Xpress started as a food truck in 1997 and expanded to its current full-size brick and mortar in 2006. In 1998 the Chronicle awarded the spot, a favorite among local musicians, a Best of Austin Critics Pick for Most Necessary Restaurant Expansion: “Her funky little taco trailer on South Lamar proved to be such a success that she had to expand into the Sugar & Spice General Store to stay ahead of the demand for her delicious tacos and other homestyle Mexican delights.”

In addition to serving food through the end of the year, Corbalan will also be selling all of the restaurant’s decorations and fixtures

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Monmouth Real Estate: The Common Shares Are Attractive, The Preferreds A Safe Investment (NYSE:MNR)


During the second quarter, when the share prices started to rebound after the initial COVID-19 pandemic and panic, I had to make choices. I was too frugal to pay $12 per share of Monmouth Real Estate (MNR) as the price had dipped below $9 during the initial panic, but I was wrong as my frugality caused me to miss an excellent entry point and the share price continued to trade above $14 all summer long. Around the same time, I initially didn’t want to pay $24.4 for the preferred share(MNR.PC) and I ended up buying the preferreds at par ($25). Monmouth’s share price has come off a bit and I wanted to figure out if I should just pay the $13.30/share it’s currently trading at. After all, quality has its price and given the 99%+ occupancy rate and 99%+ rent collection rate of this single tenant REIT focusing

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‘How contractor stalled Social Investment Funds’ payment in Bayelsa, A-Ibom, Abia, Zamfara’

By Samuel Oyadongha & Emem Idio

THE Federal Government’s Social Investment Programme in Bayelsa State has said that issues bothering on financial mismanagement were responsible for the delay in the payment to beneficiaries of the Conditional Cash Transfer programme in Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom, Abia and Zamfara states before and during the period of the coronavirus lockdown.

Head of Unit of the programme in Bayelsa State, Mrs Tonbara Kenigbolo, stated this during a town hall meeting between staff of the programme and beneficiaries organised by Bayelsa State Non-Governmental Organisation Forum, BANGOF, in partnership with Africa Network for Environmental and Economic Justice, ANEEJ, in Yengaoa.

According to Mrs Kenigbolo, a payment provider simply identified as Mr Henry, owner of Data Mining Firm, was procured by the Federal Government in July 2019 to effect payment to beneficiaries of the programme in the four states. He visited Bayelsa once to discuss modalities for payment

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How Can I Find Duplexes for Sale Near Me to Invest In? | Investment Property Tips

Real estate investors are always looking for houses for sale that they can buy and rent out or sell at a profit. If you are considering buying a rental property, a duplex investment strategy is worth considering. A duplex is basically a single building or house with separate entrances for two residents. The units could be side by side or on separate floors. Typically, duplexes are used for house hacking, where the owner lives in one unit and rents out the other. You could, of course, just rent out both units.

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Just like any other real estate investment, investing in a duplex comes with its share of pros and cons:

Benefits of Buying a Duplex

  • Affordability – Duplexes for sale are usually situated in very affordable areas. As a result, they are an ideal investment for first-time buyers.
  • Easy mortgage payments – Buying
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