Feared Shabab Exploit Somali Banking and Invest in Real Estate, U.N. Says

NAIROBI, Kenya — The Shabab, the Somalia-based militant group that is Al Qaeda’s most powerful ally in Africa, is not only collecting millions of dollars in tariffs and payoffs but moving the money through local banks and even investing it in real estate and businesses, according to a new United Nations Security Council report.

The report describes how the Shabab, known for suicide attacks and a severe interpretation of Islam that bans music and other pleasures, have diversified their funding streams. Although financial dealings with the Shabab are prohibited under Security Council sanctions, the report said the group had found ways to expand from strictly cash transactions into utilizing bank accounts and electronic mobile services to save, transfer and invest money.

A Security Council panel of experts that monitors Somalia produced the report, which has not yet been made public. The New York Times obtained an advance copy.

The group

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Commercial Real Estate: What to Invest in Today

[email protected], a monthly newsletter from Wharton Executive Education, recently spoke with professor Todd Sinai, chair of Wharton’s Real Estate Department, about the investment risks and opportunities in commercial real estate that have emerged as a result of the global pandemic. Sinai is the academic director of the Wharton Executive Education virtual program Assessing Commercial Real Estate Investments and Markets in the Era of COVID-19. In the interview, he shares his view of the current landscape, offering his perspective on the economic and social changes that are affecting the sector.

[email protected]: Right now we’re seeing large sectors of the commercial real estate market being devastated by the effects of the pandemic, while others are thriving. How do you view these changes?

Todd Sinai: My view is that COVID-19 is not an existential threat to real estate. Real estate is largely a space for people. When we’re working, we have to

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Robert Covington And Luol Deng Invest In Real-Estate Fund Aiming To Revitalize Chicago

In September, Own Our Own, an inner-city-focused real-estate fund, announced its first Chicago-based project in partnership with the Houston Rockets’ Robert Covington and former Chicago Bull Luol Deng. Further strengthening the project is a partnership with the Chicago Urban League and the NBPA Foundation, which will fund initiatives around physical fitness and mentorship. 

After being drafted to the Bulls in 2004, Deng spent his first ten years in Chicago, and he signed a one-day

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How Can I Find Duplexes for Sale Near Me to Invest In? | Investment Property Tips

Real estate investors are always looking for houses for sale that they can buy and rent out or sell at a profit. If you are considering buying a rental property, a duplex investment strategy is worth considering. A duplex is basically a single building or house with separate entrances for two residents. The units could be side by side or on separate floors. Typically, duplexes are used for house hacking, where the owner lives in one unit and rents out the other. You could, of course, just rent out both units.

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Just like any other real estate investment, investing in a duplex comes with its share of pros and cons:

Benefits of Buying a Duplex

  • Affordability – Duplexes for sale are usually situated in very affordable areas. As a result, they are an ideal investment for first-time buyers.
  • Easy mortgage payments – Buying
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