HUD-Multifamily Housing – List of Properties for Sale


Weekly Listing of Multifamily Properties, Asset and Healthcare Loans for Sale

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The properties listed as FHA Property Sales below are offered “all-cash”, “as-is”, no financing or mortgage insurance provided. Properties with a “” are newly listed.

FHA Foreclosure and HUD-owned Property Sales
Property Information and Contact Units/ Bedrooms Minimum Price Sale Date
Project Independence Karen Davis-Rabb (817) 978-5765 11 Units Unstated October 13, 2020

Download the Invitation to Bid (bid kit) for the above-advertised properties! If you have a problem viewing or printing the bid kit, email the problem for assistance. If you have any questions after reading the information that you receive, contact the Realty Specialist assigned to the property.


Watch for the next Note sale announcement.


Assets Securing the Multifamily Note Sales
Property Asset Information and Contact   Units
There are no assets available at this time.    


Assets Securing the
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