Non-Payment of Employees and Contractors

In difficult economic times, many employers find it difficult to make ends meet. They might find themselves needing to cut the pay of employees or, in some cases, they fail to pay non-employee workers and service providers, like freelancers and independent contractors.

Employees and contract workers have the right to expect to get paid, and it’s difficult to know what to do when your paycheck doesn’t arrive.

Employee or Contract Worker?

Employees and contract workers (independent contractors) (including freelancers and at-home contractors) have different pay situations and legal protection for non-payment.

  • Employees receive payment on an hourly or salaried basis and are under the control of the employer.
  • Contract workers work independently, often have contracts, and are paid by the hour or project.

Why Companies Don’t Always Pay

It may seem obvious, but it’s worth noting that two main reasons exist for businesses not paying:

  • In the case
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Home Depot Founder Arthur Blank: This Is the Most Important Question You Can Ask Your Employees

Arthur M. Blank, co-founder of The Home Depot, was introduced to the startup life as a kid. His father launched a mail-order pharmacy business out of the one-bedroom apartment the family of four shared in the Sunnyside section of Queens, New York. Four years later, darkness set in when Blank’s father died suddenly. His mother picked up the pieces of both the family and the family business. She plowed ahead and became a successful entrepreneur, ultimately selling the company.

“My mother used to say, ‘make decisions for the right reason and live with the consequences,'” Blank tells Inc. That’s why, for instance, he decided to delay the reopening of the Mountain Sky Guest Ranch, a dude ranch he owns in Montana, even though it typically runs at more than 90 percent occupancy and guests were yearning to return. “We knew that if we opened we would bring disease into the

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QVC puts call center in Chesapeake up for sale or lease; employees to keep working from home

QVC, the television-based home-shopping retailer, has put its 52,911-square-foot Chesapeake call center on the market. Its employees have been and will continue to work from home permanently.

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed Qurate Retail Group, which owns QVC, to rapidly shift to a work-from-home model, something that was in the works before the global health crisis that led to business closures and social distancing rules. The company’s entire U.S. Customer Service & Experience division, with few exceptions, will keep working from home indefinitely.

Qurate has about 18,000 workers across the United States. The company wouldn’t say how many people had worked at the Chesapeake location, saying only that a small number of on-site operations staff were affected by the shift. The company told workers about the permanent shift to work-from-home in July.

The office at 1553 River Birch Run North had once housed a large number of people. As of early

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