Van Drew may pay price for going full Trump

Good Tuesday morning!

If Rep. Jeff Van Drew was still a Democrat, my guess is he’d be fairly comfortable right now. But a Monmouth University poll released Monday indicates that Van Drew’s refusal to vote to impeach President Trump, his subsequent switch to the GOP and then pledge of “undying support” to President Trump may have been a political miscalculation.

The poll shows Democrat Amy Kennedy leading Van Drew by five points in South Jersey’s 2nd District — or six or seven points, depending on which model is used. It also shows Joe Biden with a 3 point lead against President Trump in the district.

Yes, the Van Drew’s District is more Trump-friendly than most in New Jersey. But it’s still a swing district. And while this is looking like far from a blowout — Kennedy’s lead is within the margin of error — there’s a particularly troubling sign

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