This community survived the Glass fire, though its homes didn’t

There were 13 sweet, simple, wood-heated homes at Monan’s Rill, the intentional community on 414 gorgeous acres off St. Helena Road.

The Glass fire left just one. That surviving house was hand-built in the early 1970s by two co-founders of the residential collective, the extraordinary Mary and Russ Jorgensen.

In addition to helping to create Monan’s Rill, the Jorgensens, both former Freedom Riders, were stalwarts of the Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County and undaunted champions of a better world.

They were for almost 30 years cherished by fellow residents of Monan’s Rill who’ve from the start worked together for the good of the land they inhabit and the community that they’ve run by consensus.

The Jorgensens were among four Quaker families that founded Monan’s Rill after having lived in the Berkeley hills with no fences between their yards so they could rear their kids communally. When they bought

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Actually, We Didn’t Send Any COVID Patients Into Nursing Homes

Just when you think this man cannot get more brazenly dishonest, he manages to prove you wrong. New York’s Democratic governor — who has presided over the highest number of COVID deaths in the nation, and one of the worst death rates — is not only writing a book about his “success” and congratulating himself for saving lives. He’s not only falsely claiming that President Trump is responsible for the virus arriving in New York. And he’s no longer merely manipulating data to downplay his disastrously lethal policy on nursing homes. He’s now taken his gaslighting to shockingly mendacious lows, telling New Yorkers that the nursing homes scandal…never existed. Simply stunning:

“It just never happened that we needed a nursing home

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