Insiders, cronies fill crucial positions at Florida agencies

Florida is full of technology talent. There’s a 17-year-old in Tampa who hacked the Twitter feeds of billionaire Masters of Technology Bill Gates and Elon Musk. There’s a 16-year-old at South Miami Senior High who brought Miami-Dade’s first week of virtual school to a virtual standstill.

Florida also has law-abiding adults who know how to design and manage technology that customers can count on. The state desperately needs such a person to head up the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO), the state agency that houses CONNECT, the laughably named digital trainwreck that workers must navigate to access what meager unemployment benefits state law allows.

Failed candidates

Gov. DeSantis himself vilified CONNECT as a jalopy for which the state paid a Lamborghini price. Yet he gave the task of cleaning up the DEO mess to Dane Eagle, a former state representative and recently failed congressional candidate. Eagle is a real-estate broker,

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