Egyptian contractor-turned-opposition figure faces scrutiny over phantom project in Barcelona

Mohamed Ali, the Egyptian contractor turned opposition figure has come under media scrutiny in Spain over alleged phantom projects in Barcelona. 

In 2019, Ali, through his construction company Amlaak, proposed a grandiose project merging a pyramid with the set of Barcelona’s famous Tres Xemeneies of Sant Adrià del Besós (Three Chimneys) landmark. The latter are the remains of an old thermal power station that has been in disuse for several years, and which still has no defined future.

Crónica Global, a major Spanish news outlet which investigated the project, found out that Ali had spent €200,000 to use the project as a front with which to gain media access as an opposition leader.

According to the newspaper, Ali undertook a contract with the consultant Rafael Salanova Roma, who managed the project’s proposal for €50,000, excluding VAT, with the sum to be paid out over 10 payments. 

“Half of those

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