Bugatti Could Be for Sale

Reports from Europe suggest Volkswagen is considering offloading the most exclusive of its luxury brands to performance EV maker Rimac, possibly in exchange for an equity swap that will give VW a large stake in the Croatian startup. The official line is that “we don’t comment on rumors,” but by a happy coincidence Autoweek did spend time with Bugatti boss Stefan Winkelmann in Italy last weekend, where we asked him about his plans for the brand’s future.

His most important point was that, after racking up some enormous losses during its early years under Volkswagen, Bugatti is now profitable. While the COVID crisis and a production shutdown have hit 2020 targets, Winkelmann was still optimistic it will be another successful year.

“With no shutdown it would have been an easy going year,” he told us, “it’s not like before COVID but it is better than [some of the] scenarios we

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