Florida Home Covered in Budweiser Cans Is for Sale

There are all sorts of unique and quirky homes that hit the market. But we’ve never seen a listing quite like this one (which we learned about at Boing Boing). You can buy a condo decorated almost entirely, from floor to ceiling, with Budweisers. And we do mean almost entirely, because one homeowner used those aluminum cans as wallpaper to show off his love for that most American of beers. And yes, obviously this house is in Florida.

Obviously Home Covered With Budweiser Cans is in Florida_1


Realtor.com has a listing for a condo in Lake Worth in Palm Beach county in Florida. Built in 1989, it’s an otherwise totally normal looking living space with two bedrooms, two full baths, and a family room. It also comes with a community pool, clubhouse, tennis courts, and “ample parking. And who wouldn’t love all that natural light? Plus it’s even close to an elementary school for those with young

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