Self-Promoting Real Estate Developer, “Terra,” Accused of Bilking Residential Purchaser’s …

WESTON, Fla., Oct. 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Miami-based real estate development group, “Terra,” has recently touted itself as a maverick risk-taker for “forging ahead” with projects in the midst of Covid-19.  In a pending Dade Circuit Court lawsuit, however, at least one unit purchaser alleges that Terra’s self-styled “boldness” is subsidized, at least in part, by other people’s money.

That unit purchaser is John H. “Jack” Owoc,” founder, sole owner, CEO & CSO of Vital Pharmaceuticals, Inc. a/k/a “Bang Energy,” maker of globally-renowned Bang® energy drink products.  South Florida Business Journal lists Bang Energy as this year’s #1 fastest growing South Florida company with revenue over $25 Million.

In his 2018 lawsuit against Terra— John H. Owoc vs. Terra Weston Residential, LLC, Case No. 18-40336 CA (27)—Owoc alleges that Terra Weston wrongfully kept his advance deposit, exceeding $750,000, after Terra Weston inexplicably, unjustifiably and indefinitely failed to construct

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