One of Austin’s weirdest homes hits market for $2.2 million

If only the curvilinear walls of the “Sand Dollar Home” or “Mushroom Home” could talk.

An iconic piece of architecture shaped in the form of a mushroom is now on the market near Austin, Texas for $2.2 million, according to the listing on Grossman & Jones Group.

In the spirit of the “Keeping Austin Weird,” this Lakeway home perfectly fulfills that vibe and was most recently featured on the Austin Weird Homes Tour, as first reported by Culture Map’s John Egan. You’re unlikely to find anything as otherworldly and unusual on the market in Texas as this lakeside abode — if you have a cool $2 million at your disposal, that is.

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Yes, if only the curvilinear, sculptural walls of this home called

Yes, if only the curvilinear, sculptural walls of this home called “The Sand Dollar Home” or “Mushroom Home” could talk.  An iconic piece of architecture

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Austin’s Nate Paul, tied to Paxton complaint, known for real estate empire, legal entanglements – Business – Austin American-Statesman

Austin businessman Nate Paul and his company, World Class Property, have generated headlines for years, first for a meteoric rise in the real estate industry but more recently for a spate of bankruptcies, legal skirmishes and a search of Paul’s downtown headquarters by federal agents in August 2019.

Paul, who is still in his early 30s, has amassed a portfolio of high-profile holdings in the Austin area and elsewhere since founding World Class in 2007, growing the company into one of the nation’s largest privately owned real estate firms.

Now, Paul’s alleged relationship with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has sparked a major legal and political whirlwind in the top echelons of Texas government. Seven senior Paxton aides have filed a criminal complaint against the attorney general that they say stems from his dealings with Paul. They asked federal agents to investigate their boss for potential crimes that include bribery

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