1953 Arno XI Ferrari-powered Hydroplane up for Sale

Meet the 1953 Arno XI, a classic wooden hydroplane powered by one of Ferrari’s legendary V-12 Formula 1 engines. This boat’s connected directly to Ferrari—Enzo himself gave the green light to sell one of his state-of-the-art Lampredi F1 engines for use in this water-based vehicle. It also set a class world speed record in 1953, which makes this more than simply a cool old hydroplane. In fact, this is the only boat in the world to have officially received a Scuderia Ferrari racing engine. Now it could be yours.

Don’t expect the Arno XI to be an old boat bargain, though. It’s been offered for sale several times over the years, after receiving what was described by a previous auction listing as a thorough and exacting restoration in the 1990s. It sold for €868,000 at one point (or a little more than $1,000,0000), and there’s no reason to think it

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