Is Buying a House Worth It? 9 Reasons Why the Answer Is: ‘100% Yes!’

Buying your first house takes gumption. You resist splurging on Insta-worthy vacations to save for a down payment. Then hold off on converting those savings into stocks for the latest plant-based start-up your cousin raves about. You fight every temptation in hopes of joining that glorious homebuyers’ circle, and just before you pull the trigger, you stumble upon an infographic telling you renting is actually cheaper — is this struggle even worth it?

The short answer is: yes. We’ve got a long answer for you, too (it even touches on the perennial own vs. rent debate). Here are nine benefits to homeownership that make buying a house totally worth it:

1. Grow with a local community

When you buy a house, you’re not just another tenant swinging through a rental’s revolving door. You’re tethered to a location, tied to a community.

“Buying a home gives you roots. You meet a

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Is U.S. Real Estate The Answer For International Investors During This Time?

Abbas Hashmi is an international Family Office and Sovereign Wealth Fund focused expert. Managing Director at Crito Capital.

Investing in income-producing rental property can provide you with a solid return, depending on your specific goals and market. It is an especially attractive investment at a time like this — when the stock market is volatile, interest rates are low and housing prices are increasing. If you are looking to invest outside of your native country because of the uncertainty triggered by Covid-19, then rental properties in New York and New Jersey may be an ideal avenue to explore.

In my experience, many investors do not realize that choosing to purchase an out-of-country income property is one of the smartest ways to spread risk, earn higher returns, and invest more efficiently and soundly from a tax perspective. 

The Appeal Of New Jersey And New York Rental Properties

There are

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