4 Anker Nebula projectors are on sale at all-time-low prices, starting at $245

Got a wall that’s sitting around doing nothing? Point a projector at it and presto: big-screen TV goodness. How big and how good? That depends on the projector, of course. Anker’s Nebula lineup includes a variety of options, and right now four popular models are on sale for historic low prices. (And it’s not even Prime Day yet!)

Most of these models are entirely self-contained, with built-in speakers and batteries for cordless portability. Most also have onboard Android so you can stock up on streaming apps, though in my experience you’re usually better off using a Roku or Fire TV streamer (which you can do, thanks to HDMI inputs).

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This little guy would be suitable for a sleepover or some kind of impromptu movie night, where simply turning a wall into a movie

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