Successful Subcontractor-Contractor Agreements | Contractor

By Christopher G. Aiello

A subcontractor – contractor agreement is used when a contractor hires someone else (known as a subcontractor) to help with a specific task on a  project. For example, an HVAC expert may be brought in to replace the central heating for a home under renovation.

Sub-contractor agreements are formal written documents that outline the terms and scope of work for the sub-contractor in a project. They spell out the duties of the contractors and subcontractors and how they should relate with each other until the project is concluded.

These documents are useful in case a dispute arises, to prove what the contractor and subcontractor agreed on. The agreements save subcontractors time and money, helping to work out difficulties formally.

When committing to such agreements, a subcontractor should keep the following pointers in mind.

What should be in a Subcontractor – Contractor agreement?

1.  The scope of

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