Activists in 20 mile march to highlight Gwynedd’s second homes ‘crisis’

Claims that a second home “crisis” is threatening the Welsh language in its very heartlands has prompted a 20 mile march as activists demand action.

Prompted by recent figures showing that 40% of all house sales in Gwynedd are now for second homes, campaigners trekked from Nefyn to Caernarfon on Saturday while urging the Welsh Government to implement emergency measures to stem their flow.

Nefyn Town Council has been particularly active over recent months, reporting that 30% of houses in Edern and 15% in Morfa Nefyn are holiday homes, while claiming that prices have gone “through the roof” since lockdown despite the average local wage being £16,000.

According to Gwynedd’s housing department, an additional 811 houses are needed in the county every year to meet current local demand, but with 830 homes being “lost” as second homes, this creates a “gap” of 1,641.

Earlier this week, the Senedd passed a

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