How to avoid foreclosure if you’re in mortgage forbearance using CARES Act during COVID-19 pandemic

CHICAGO (WLS) — You may be one of about 3.5 million Americans already in a forbearance on your mortgage, but what of you need an extension? Or what if you want to start paying again?

“This is home, Villa Park is home to me,” said Roger Feigenbaum. “I’ve owned this house since 1987 and I don’t have any other place to turn to, this is my house.”

Feigenbaum was laid off due to the covid-19 pandemic and is now fighting to stay in his home. He is in a reverse mortgage: the bank pays him for his equity in the home, but he can’t afford the property taxes and home insurance.

As a result, his reverse mortgage company is forced to pay those fees and Feigenbaum could be at risk for foreclosure. He’s now trying to get the lender, Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC, to help him out.

“So I was

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