TWC call center contractor: ‘Someone needs to be held accountable’

Investigative Summary:

From Lubbock to Brownsville to El Paso to Tyler — in literally every corner of the Lone Star state, we’ve heard the same story concerning the phone lines at the Texas Workforce Commission: long wait times, and a roll of the dice whether a person they finally connect with can actually help them. KXAN’s investigation discovered some of the hundreds of contractors hired to help with the surge in calls aren’t able to provide much beyond basic assistance and are telling callers who have more complicated issues to call back in hopes of getting someone who works directly for the TWC.

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Imagine showing up to a job where you know that almost 75% of what you do will fail someone. What if a fireman failed to help someone in three out of four fire calls? What if a police officer failed to help clear three

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