South Shore landscaping demand grew rapidly during the pandemic

QUINCY – Jack Paleczny and his fiancée, Ariel Campbell, moved into a small house near Quincy Bay in the summer of 2020. 

They’ve enjoyed their new home so far, especially the spacious backyard for their two dogs to run around in. However, the lawn in the back remains a work in progress. The grass died despite their effort to maintain it, and mud is constantly covered in paw prints.

“We’re just not sure what to do,” Paleczny said. “We planted the seed before, but it didn’t really help.”

The couple said they plan to call a professional landscaper to redo their yard, and they’re not alone.

Over the last two years, landscaping has been the most popular home project in the state.

“2020 was my best year in business,” said Romulo Pereira, the owner of Braintree-based P&C Stonework & Landscaping. He said his profits have grown about 60% in the past two years.