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Sep. 10, 2020 / PRZen / DENVER — The housing inventory as measured by months’ supply has dropped drastically the last several of years. Currently, the housing market is experiencing strong buyer demand, but there are very few homes available for sale. In the Lakewood area, the medium number of days currently a home is for sale is only 5 days and the current inventory of all homes available is less than one month. To put this in perspective, a “normal” market has 6 months of homes available for sale. This undersupply of homes on the market has caused home prices to rise dramatically the last several years. Peter Wassileff of HomeSmart Realty Group says that this has caused much frustration with buyers in finding a home that meets their specific needs. Even when a buyer finds a suitable property, they are faced with fierce competition with multiple offers that drive the home price higher. In many cases, the only way to get the house is to pay more for it than anyone else.

To address this issue of low inventory and find the perfect home, Peter, a licensed realtor, and marketing specialist, created the Dream Home Finder Program. Buyers describe exactly what they are looking for in terms of price, areas, and amenities. Peter will then invest his own money in advertising to identify off market, unlisted properties with owners that have considered selling their home that match exactly what the buyer desires. Peter says that many owners would consider a sale, but don’t want to go through the hassle of staging their home and have people walking through their home during the COVD-19 pandemic. Once a property is identified that meets the buyer’s criteria, Peter will negotiate a potential transaction with the buyer and seller. In addition to finding exactly a property meets the buyer requirements, these buyers are the only buyers who know that the home is available for sale. This eliminates competition from other buyers. The buyer winds up with a better deal by avoiding competing over price with other buyers.

For potential sellers, the Dream Home Finder Program is also a good option. Many times, these owners want a very specific type of house and wouldn’t want to move unless they find it first. Peter will invest his own money in marketing to find homes that match what they are looking for in terms of area, price and desired amenities that are not on the market. As Peter finds owners that may consider a sale, he will take them to see the property for consideration. If a home is found that meets what they are looking for, Peter will list and quickly sell their current home for top dollar using a target market approach thus allowing them to move to their dream home. This approach also helps potential sellers who are concerned that if they sell their home, they will not be able to find a suitable replacement home.

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