New homes for the victims of Karnataka flood 2019 – India

After every unprecedented rain and floods, rehabilitation, reconstruction and care for displaced becomes the biggest challenge in the flood-affected areas.

The Karnataka flood triggered by the torrential rain destroyed thousands of houses with heavy loss of lives, personal belongings, houses, livelihood, etc. Most Rev. (Dr.) Peter Machado, Archbishop of Archdiocese of Bengaluru called a meeting immediately and worked out a strategy to rebuild the lives of the flood-affected families in the districts of Belthangady, Shivamogga, Chikmagalur, Uttara Kannada, Belagavi and Ballari. He also formed a task force committee consisting of lay people, priests and requested them to approach the religious centres, educational institutions, individuals, philanthropists, hospitals, religious congregations, etc., and motivated the public to show their generosity towards flood-affected families.

The Archdiocese has mobilized funds to rebuild the houses in 6 Dioceses of Karnataka and 1 Diocese in Kerala. Based on the severity of the damage, Archdiocese of Bengaluru allotted the number of houses to Dioceses Chikmagalur, Belthangady, Shivamogga, Uttara Kannada, Belagavi and Ballari in Karnataka and Calicut Diocese in Kerala.

Archdiocese of Bengaluru approached Caritas India to execute the housing project based on the technical and humanitarian expertise. Caritas India reached out to all the 7 Dioceses and extended her handholding support to the Dioceses.

Most Rev. Francis Serrao, Bishop of Shivamogga handed over the responsibility to the Shivamogga Multipurpose Social Service Society (SMSSS) to identify the most deserving families and construct the new houses for them.

While choosing the right and most needy families, Shivamoga Multipurpose Social Service Society (SMSSS) has given the priority and selected the 7 non-Catholic families for this project. 1. Mrs Ranjitha V. R. From Suguru, Shimoga taluk living with her husband and 3 little children, 2. Mrs. Uma from Annanagara, Shimoga living with her 3 sons. Her husband has deserted her long back, 3. Mrs Annu, a widow living in J. P. Nagara, Shimoga along with her 2 sons and 4 daughters, 4. Mrs Vanajakshi, a widow from Kumsi in Shimoga taluk is living with her 2 sons, 5. Mrs Nagarathna from Halkuni in Shimoga taluk living with her husband and daughter. She lost her son two years back due to accidental drowning in a pond, 6. Mrs Bhavani, a widow from Hasudi Farm in Shimoga taluk is living with her 1 son, 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren, 7. Mrs Ranjitha, a widow from Nagar, Hosanagar taluk, Shimoga district, living with her 3 little children.

SMSSS, Shivamogga motivated these families to share their part and helped them to have a decent house. The donors, St Joseph’s College Institutions, Congregation of the Sisters of St Charles Borromeo, Infant Jesus Shrine, St Germain’s Academy, Cluny Social Service Trust, Kannur and Society of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Nagavara visited the families and handed over the houses to them. The families who have received the houses thanked the donors, Caritas India, Diocese of Shivamogga and SMSSS, Shivamogga for bringing new life to them.

The donors appreciated and thanked Rev. Fr. Clifford Roshan Pinto, Director, SMSSS, Shivamogga for taking all efforts in the ground to materialize the dream of Archdiocese of Bengaluru to rebuild the lives of the flood-affected families in Shivamogga.

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